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Tileproxy start error

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Not sure what I am doing wrong.

I installed Tileproxy and start up FSX on windowed mode as suggested by tutorial page.

Then, I started Tileproxy program and comes this error message:





My ProxyUser.ini is using microsoft map data: 


# Start a line with # to comment it out.
# Turn your text editor's Word Wrapping OFF for editing this document.
# Read the manual for help with configuration. Do not contact the
# author about the configuration for particular services. Thank you.
# Enable or disable worldwide photographic scenery coverage (Yes/True/On to enable)
# Write a logfile to disk.  In recommend to only turn this on for debugging purposes.
# When using FSX RTM or FS 2004, the logfile will grow VERY fast and affect performance.
# If you have concerns about possible copyright violations by caching JPEG and BMP tiles
# on your hard drive, this switch is the solution. By enabling diskless mode, Tileproxy
# will not store a single tile on your hard drive. Expect higher network usage though.
# Note that offline mode will depend on tiles being available in the cache.
# Offline Mode - No network access will occur (Yes/True/On to enable)
# Resolution limiter: 17 = 30cm/pixel, 16 = 60cm/pixel, 15 = 1.1m/pixel, 14 = 2.3m/pixel, 13 = 4.75m/pixel
# Lower resolutions load faster, but are visually less appealing. The 30cm resolution may only be feasible
# if you have at least 2GB of system memory.
# The following two settings allow you to tune Tileproxy to not preload specific LOD levels. This can
# be used in conjunction with third party scenery products like "FS Altitude" that provides data only
# up to a specific resolution. If you place this scenery higher than Tileproxy's world folders in the
# scenery library then it will have precedence over Tileproxy for the specific LOD levels that it
# contains. You can then instruct Tileproxy to not preload these low resolution LOD circles because
# they are not needed anyway.
# Lowest LOD ring to automatically preload tiles for. Must not be lower than 8.
# Lowest LOD ring to automatically preload tiles for. Must not be higher than 17.
# The maximum number of tile contexts that Tileproxy will send to the filter driver. A context
# is essentially a very fast buffer for graphics data sitting in kernel memory that delivers
# data right into FSX. Each tile context can hold an entire LOD 8...15 tile. Higher values
# mean more use of your precious kernel memory though. The maximum number is 512. Lower if
# you run out of RAM during flight and the PC starts to use the paging file a lot.
# Generate Water Mask. This brings back shader-rendered water and allows
# for the use of planes with floats (Goose, Beaver, etc...). If you turn this
# option off, you get the Tileproxy behavior of Beta 5 and earlier versions.
# Recommendation: FSX users: Use water_blending=on, water_smoothing=off
#                            to get soft land/water transitions
#                 FS9 users: Use water_blending=off, water_smoothing=on
#                            to get hard land/water transitions which
#                            Tileproxy tries to match pixel-exact against coast-lines
#                 Combining water_smoothing and water_blending is discouraged.
#                 It's slow and gives weird results.
# Use blending techniques to create a soft land/water transition with some
# transparency effect near the shoreline. Compatible with FSX only.
# The distance in meters that you want land/water blending to extend from the
# shore line. Larger values require more processing. Large values are now possible,
# useful values are up to 2000 meters. Very high values may be detrimental to water
# mask resolution. Loading speed however remains mostly unaffected by this setting.
# The rate at which terrain is blended into the water color. 1.0 means a linear
# blending, values > 1.0 blend faster. Values < 1.0 blend slower. This works
# similarly to a Gamma Curve. An exponent of 2 gives a quadratic blend function,
# an exponent of 0.5 results in a square root behavior.
# The minimal and maximal transparency of the water. The lower you choose the min value,
# the more reflective the deep water will be. The higher the max value is chosen, the less
# reflective the water will be directly at the shore line. The reflectiveness transitions
# linearly from max to min throughout the distance given by blend_distance from the shore.
# Allowed values are between 0 and 1, and alpha_min should be smaller than alpha_max or
# things may look weird.
# The following alpha_min values will not give you any dithering artifacts on all-water tiles,
# so the use of these is recommended. It is multiples of 16/239 (rounded up slighty)
# 0.0700, 0.1339, 0.2009, 0.2678, 0.3348, 0.4017, 0.4687
# 0.5356, 0.6026, 0.6695, 0.7365, 0.8034, 0.8703, 0.9373
# The water color in hexadecimal RGB notation. Prefix with #. This should be blue
# or greenish blue or some shades of brown, depending on your preference.
# Values of #000000 are discouraged when using water blending - it will result
# in weird behavior at the shorelines.
# Try to smooth land/water boundaries by trying to match the water mask to the image content.
# This is a a somewhat experimental algorithm.
# The decision threshold for water/land when water_smoothing is enabled. 0 means everything
# will be turned to land, 1 means everything turns to water. Chose some value inbetween.
# Maximum number of bytes allocated to BMP graphics tiles in RAM at any time (0 for unlimited)
# The value below states 100 MB.
# Maximum number of BMP tiles to cache in RAM at any time (0 for no limit).
# The currently active service is configured here. Only ONE active source please.
# The other source statements should be commented out.
#source=Acme Globe Service
#source=Service Example 1
source=Service Example 3
#source=Service Example 4
# The sources you want to be able to switch from the GUI menu.
# Separate the list entries with | and enclose in quotes. Make sure the
# names specified here are valid services which are defined below.
# You may want to rename the services according to your preference,
# but make sure you replace all occurences of the strings.
menu_sources="Service Example 1|Service Example 2|Service Example 3|Service Example 4"
# Experimental API Hooking section. Disable if you see strange crashes and effects.
# Currently we only have the DirectX 9 hook. More hooks are planned.
# The DirectX 9 hook enables the moving map overlay. More features are planned.
# A flag whether to show the moving map overlay initially or not.
# Dimensions and overlay colors of the moving map. Positions are percentages of the screen.
# Width and Height refer to the full 512x512 pixel texture used for the map. To get a round
# map circle, the ratio of width and height should match your screen's aspect ratio (e.g. 4:3)
# Radius is given in the map texture's pixels where one pixel represents a LOD 15 tile. A
# radius of 0 disables the round stencil and shows the entire 512x512 texture. Color is given
# in a hexadecimal ARGB notation. 
# Here begin the service specific configurations
# This is new when you specify captcha_module
# On encountering HTTP 302 redirects the captcha module will send Internet Explorer's cookies
# stored for the specified service domain to the web server. It will also display whatever web
# page the service redirects you to. This could be a page requiring you to enter a so-called
# captcha. After entering the captcha correctly, the resulting session cookie will be stored as
# a permanent cookie (expiration 1 day) in your IE Cookies folder and sent to the service on
# subsequent requests. You will then be able to use the service as long as you wish, given that
# you correctly enter the captcha dialog which may nag you once every 20 minutes or so.
# Explaining the captcha_config arguments:
# cookiedomain from captcha_config specifies the domain name for which cookies are stored.
# This might be the service name plus a top level domain like ".com"
# cookieurl specifies a HTTP url from which an identifying cookie will be retrieved first, if
# no existing identifying cookie is found. This may be required sometimes to make the captcha
# dialog appear in the first place. This could be the service's front page URL (e.g. a search
# engine)
[service Example 1]
cache_folder=C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\TileProxyServicesCache\cache.service1
#level_mapping=9,10,11,12,14,14,15,16,17,18,19   more radius HQ (13->14)
#level_mapping=9,10,11,14,14,14,15,16,17,18,19   even more radius in HQ (12,13->14)


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, I started Tileproxy program and comes this error message:



You probably do not have UAC turned off and you need to install "Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider 1.3b"  See this post for a more complete answer:


and download the DSEO 1.3b from here:


Be sure to click the "Download" at the bottom of the page and follow instructions.


Good luck,


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