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My first (full) flight - Review

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Dear community,


As I mentioned in my previous posts, I bought T7 few hours after the release, but only last night was I able to take a full test ride with it. Im so anxious about that so I wanted to share my thoughts, which probably does not give anything to the community, however, at the moment Im like a little boy who just got a new toy:)


My first flight was a short hop from EFHK to EHAM. Yep, no airline operates T7 for that route, however, EFHK is my base and I have lived in NL and I love EHAM. Anyway, I created my flight plan with PFPX, with ZFW being at max. Exported the flight plan and loaded up in Active Sky. Fired up my T7 at gate 33 with panel state "long". Loaded up company route and inserted relevant data. Copied the wx from AS2012 and loaded up in my route to get exact wind information. Used the checklists to prepare the flight... At that point I was already so excited I could hardly stay in my captains seat:)


OK, time for pushback with AES. Brilliant, lets get engines running... the system automation of T7 is amazing.. The massive engines come to life... first the right engine, then the left.... OK to taxi... wow! this bird is massive, but the engines are really powerfull.. Carefully taxiing to 22R, ready for takeoff using ASTI1N departure. Setting thrust levers to around 55%, TOGA and booom! This bird accelerates like a bat out of hell... v1, vr..... v2 this beast is accelerating like mad! Flaps 1, flaps up... Luckily i programmed my FMC to not go over 230kts under 10000 so I manage to stay under 250kts... Im still rocketing to the skies....


After reaching to FL380, I enable autocruise to try it... works like charm. OK, time to decent... Everything goes very well, I get clearance to land ils 27. Localizer captured, autopilot off and handfly this bird. Rough wind 22 knots, gusting 28... after disconnecting autopilot, got some issues to get her stable (my own fault) but once I got it, wow, brilliant! Touchdown! Taxi to F9..Shut her down... I burnt some more fuel than PFPX calculated, but, I had to hold at ARTIP for awhile, so there you go.


Oh boy, what a feeling. This aircraft is my favorite! I mean I love the 747, MD-11 and NGX, but this... Im speechless. Cant wait to fly again, which hopefully will be Thursday, or at lates, Sunday.


Did you read this all the way to here? Might wonder what is the point of this post?


Well, trying to put it simply - to share my excitment with all of you and if someone is still wondering whether to buy this bird or not, dont think, just buy it!:)


OK, enough said, time to work now.




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Seme I am glad that you liked the plane and the time taken to write this report. Since this was your first flight it is not fair to ask you what you would like to have or improve it. So after you fly it again on Sunday please let us know.



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