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FBW fighting me

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Hey guys,


Really quickly here, I have a problem hand flying the 777. The aircraft is reluctant to accept inputs from my yoke. While hand flying, the aircraft will oscillate between accepting my control inputs and ignoring them. For instance, on final, if I want to raise the nose 5 degrees, I'll pull back on my yoke but nothing will happen - the aircraft will refuse to pitch up. After holding near full up deflection the aircraft will "jolt" its pitch up with full elevator deflection. The same occurs if I want to lower the nose, or really use any input. It's as if the "dead zone" on my yoke is set to 50%.


Here's why I'm not recalibrating my joystick and deleting FSUIPC options: It only happens on the T7. The NGX follows every inch of movement from my CH Products Flight Sim Yoke - every inch, with no delay or jerking. On the T7, however, I find the aircraft fights me to maintain any sort of pitch attitude. On top of that, turning seems to compound the issue. During pre-flight I turned my yoke to full left-right deflection, while holding the pitch neutral. In game, the VC Yoke pitched full aft whenever I turned my yoke past 20 degrees or so, despite my real yoke remaining pitch neutral. [iE: Turning left or right induces an aft pitch movement, regardless of the pitch on the yoke.] I just went into my CH Products calibration menu and turned hard left/right, and no pitch was induced in the calibration display. Obviously, I have nowhere else to turn but here.


Has anyone encountered a similar issue? Everything might be normal, and I might just not understand how FBW works, but it's making my approaches look crazy.


Thanks for your time.

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We have reported a few problems with the FBW system already to PMDG and they are looking into it.


However, what you are describing is pretty extreme.

Are you sure FSUIPC is not at fault?


I love FSUIPC as well and use it for all aircraft I have.

For the 777 I have removed (and backed up) my FSUIPC.ini file (as recommended by PMDG). I also updated FSUIPC to the latest version (required for the 777).

And now the 777 is setup through FSX controller interface and works fine.


Try the above (update FSUIPC and delete FSUIPC.ini so it can build a new empty one without any controller setups).


Like I said there are still some problems with the FBW system, but nothing as violent as you described.

Rob Robson

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Thank you for the advice. I just followed it and behold. I almost shelved it until the service pack. 


It did feel it was fighting my inputs and I either had it bounce or float before updating FSUIPC and deleting the ini. I just tried 7 approaches from a saved flight and no more. It still auto-trims but it is manageable.



Naif Almazroa

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