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Anyone know if FTX-G what happens if I reenable GEX USA?

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I have been really enjoying dawn/dusk/night flying w/ the fabulous 3D lighting that are part of FTX-G, but wow much of the daytime textures, at least now that we are in autumn in California, look just awful by comparison to GEX.  Really ugly looking!  Try flying out of San Diego and see...  


If I reenable GEX USA presumably I'll lose the 3D lighting, but I'm wondering what the heck will happen w/ my other FTX regions installed in particular--PNW for example.   I haven't looked to closely, but perhaps ORBX intentionally used poor quality texturing in California my preferred area of flying as their upcoming regional will fix this.  I haven't looked as closely at other areas in the US for daytime textures.


Anyway, if you tried doing what I'm asking about, 're-enabling' GEX (I never uninstalled it, I just chose the 'Disable' option in their GUI setup dialogue, while having FTX-G installed including local regions.


This is a 2nd post on this topic as when I first installed FTX-G I had a sense textures looked poor by comparison, now I'm certain.  Flying over parts of the midwest yesterday were not too pleasing either!


Lastly, is there a 3D lighting option that looks as good as FTX-G in case I end up uninstalling FTX-G outright?  Without this I'll end up keep FTX-G since I do a lot of dawn/dusk/night flying.




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If you are a "mostly California" flier as I often am, I'd recommend that you wait until Orbx releases their landclass package for North America before uninstalling FTXG.  Personally, I'm "on the fence" in regards to FTXG - there are many things that I like about it, but some that I don't.  I'm wanting to give them the benefit of releasing all of their packages for a given area.....


But if you really feel the need to uninstall, I'd use their un-installer first.  And trust that it will do the proper job. 


If you don't want to go that route, or if you simply want to run one of the GEX installers, I would switch the FTX Central to "Default" and untick all of the options first.  (That would be my best guess... I do not know what Orbx's official "how to install GEX (or anything like GEX) over FTXG" method is.)


In either extent, I would hope that you would have taken a full backup of your FSX install beforehand.


Make a backup in any case - and good luck!!!!!!!!

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