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David B

I want my correct color city lights!..darnit

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This will probably get moved to the Orbx forum, but this forum seems to get the most responses and readings.


Ok, just finished a 4 day real world flight sequence. We went from East coast-West coast-East coast-home (KDAL)


I fly PM trips, so approx. 80% is at night.   All the cities we flew over, you could see orange colored lights and white-bluish lights.   No Yellow, till low on approach. So, regardless of what has been said re photos,settings of such etal. At least in the US the city light colors are the UTX orange color...not the FSXG yellow.


That said, I noticed some folders in the FSXG/scripts stuff. Lights being one of them. Within those are some *.fx files.   Looking at them, it looks like you can change some particle colors(city lights?)


Here is that section form Particle attributes


Color Start=255, 193, 7, 180
Color End=255, 193, 7, 0


I haven't tried as of yet, do you think you could change these colors to make that orange color.  IE use these settings in the Yellow streetlights fx file.


If so, not sure what the last number represent. I'm guessing the first 3 are RGB values?   What do the 180,0 numbers represent.


Trying to achieve the realistic look UTX presents with their lights, but not cream my framerates.  I don't know that much re the particle stuff, or if it even has anything to do with light colors.


If someone has some info, and or ideas...would love to hear them.   One way or another, when time permits, I'll save the existing and try some edits.   If they don't do anything, it would be nice to know before I waste some time.


Finally, does anyone know what the features will be when orbx releases their  light adjuster tool.


Thanks for  any help.




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I don't have FTXG, so don't really know how these fx are used. The color values are RGBA, so the 180 is Alpha. The alpha value in Color End is ignored. You might want to download fxeditor from as it will let you edit the values and preview the result. Lowering the G value should make it more orange.

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