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Beginner's Guide to DX-10 Migration?

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Hi all,


From just prowling this forum, I have noticed more and more DX10 related discussions appearing.  I am a tweaker, flies 30% and tweaking 50% (the remaining 20% I don't know what I'm doing), therefore always looking for ways to improve visuals and performances.


After doing some reading primarily around this forum, I see there are many problems with DX10, thus the SteveFX fixer come into play, and it does look quite promising (ie saving lot of trouble tweaking manually).  But I have a fundamental question to ask, is there a guide/s that explains how one with no DX10 experience could potentially move into the DX10 fields?


On that note, can I assume if I check the DX10 Preview box in FSX, and apply steve's fixer, that's majority of my problems solved?  Or is it only part of the problems solved?


I also see discussions about modifying Nvidia Inspector and the cfg file, is that something that also needs to be done?


There are a wealth of information here, but I seemed to have missed a systematic guide that summarises the most important aspects for someone to switch over to DX10 (if it exists).  So if indeed I missed something important or obvious, please forgive me and do not launch fireballs at me, please direct me to these resources.


Thank you in advance :)

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The "How-to" doc post, pinned at the top of this forum explains it all.

If you read that, download the necessary files and apply what you

have read, you will see the results.


If you like what you see, then you may consider the Fixer.


Alternatively, buy the fixer, read the manual, apply the fixes and you will

see all the fixes available to date.


Probably the key advantage is the much better use of virtual address space under Dx10,

meaning that out of memory errors are much less likely.

Most users see smoother performance and better framerates.




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I get acceptable framerates with pretty much no OOM so far with DX9.  My only complaint is the visual appeals when compared to the images I see in DX10.


I have had a look at the How-to docs, though not in details and might have missed much points that address my question.  Will try that and see how I go :)

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The "How to" Doc really does explain everything you need to know to switch over and it is very worth it.


There is also a really good video here that explains how to set things up with the "free dx10 shaders". I used this and it really helped:


The same really applies with the DX10 fixer except you install the dx10 fixer instead of the free shader files. Although I would recommend using the free files first to see if everything plays nicely.


You may have to tweak your super sampling settings in the Nividia Inspector depending on how good your graphic card is.

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