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A few questions

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Dear IF,


Thank you for this game. I'm really enjoying that this can an be pursued on a tablet. I have a few questions. I have been reading and studying more about planes, but I would still say I am relatively new to it all.


1. I would like to know what degrees the markings are on the attitude indicator.

2. How accurate is the ILS glide slope info? E.g. Sydney int says it has a 3degree slope. Can I rely on this info?

3. When giving info of distance from last waypoint to the airport with the correct runway when coming in on approach, is this information accurate? Is it the distance to the nearest part of runway, middle or furthest or simply to the airport symbol on the gps? I ask because some calculations I'm doing don't seem to work.

4. How accurate are the planes according to real power and speed settings? Which plane would you say is most developed into is area? I'm finding that to execute landings with a nose up attitude several degrees isn't possible at some of the known vref speeds. I have learned to do this with the planes except for 737 on 30 flaps which seems impossible.

5. Finally, which plane would you recommend most accurate in terms of physics?


I understand that this is a low cost app made for things like tablets so I'm not necessarily expecting these things, more so just trying to find out more from the designers to know what I can expect.


Thanks for taking the time to read. I look forward to your response.

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1: we will have this feature soon. Our next update will have a better attitude indicator but no numbering yet due to issues with rendering rotated fonts.


2: I think it's based on the real world data, so it should match what you have on your approach plate.


3: right now, the distance is based on where the waypoint is. For airports now, we have the location based on the first runway we have in our list. We will change this to the center of the airport in future updates. I doubt that it should make a significant difference in your calculations though, especially for small airports.


4: some airplanes are more advanced than others, the 717, 777, 380 are generally pretty close to the real things. The planes that have been overhauled and have full animations and HD textures are better.

The 737 is one of our oldest models, that could explain the issues you are having. We are in the process of re working that airplane and it will be much better once we're done :)


5: The A380 and 777's are my personal favorites :)



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Hi Matt


Thanks for the swift response. That answers my questions. Do you have any advice on the 757 and it's accuracy? I think I prefer generally to fly a 737 or 757, but will definitely now purchase the 777 to have a bit of fun.


Many thanks.

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