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B757 Professional Series - questions..

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I'm wondering if there is a good url to use for the Professional B757 aircraft? I've searched on Google but just get facebook references.


I am loving this aircraft, but tonight have several questions. First, after entering the departure and arrival airport info, I can't seem to get to page 2 of the "RTE" function in the FMC (where additional fixes between the departure and arrival structure is usually done on this aircraft. I can do this in the LEGS page, but that's not quite the same thing. Has anyone noticed that?


Also, there was some good IMC weather at KORD yesterday. I downloaded the METAR wx and have copied the file to save this wx configuration (thanks to others here last week for that neat trick). I then planned a flight from KOMA to KORD, where over a short flight I go from VMC to IMC, kind of cool. I went to Flight-Aware yesterday when this weather was actually occurring and noted flight plans for commercial jets into KORD from the west. All were using the BULLZ Arrival, for which I downloaded the procedure from AOPA. It's essentially an L-NAV procedure, with no terrestrial fixes at all. However, when loading this STAR in the B757, the various transitions are shown as VORs, and have no relationship to the L-NAV fixes on the procedure itself- the VORs aren't even in the correct locations. This arrival may have existed as a terrestrial procedure in years prior to the L-NAV "revolution", but is there any reason why I shouldn't be able to access an L-NAV procedure from a new product?


I know that these answers should be directed to the developers, which I would if I knew where their forum was :)


Other than these issues I am loving the B757 and the life that XPX breathes into aircraft in a simulation, it's really awesome!


Thanks, Bruce.

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Hi Bruce,


I don´t have the 757 myself, but I am a bit surprised that you don´t know where to get support for it.


Where did you buy it? To my knowledge, the only place selling it is, so wouldn´t that be a natural place to look for a support forum? And low and behold, there it is!


Hope this helps,



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