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Strange DX10 Night Colors and glitches

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hey everyone 


been messing with DX10 

purchased steves DX10 Fixer, (Great work )




i get these strange runway colors at night ?

and strange artifacts


im running



FSDreamteam KLAS 

FlyTampa Dubai 



i turned Rex off and still get it. Wondering if the rex textures are causing it. thought it might just me the airport scenery however BOTH KLAS and Dubai are doing it 

what else could it be,? i also get the same large pixel looking patterns on the water ?


have a look at the pics and let me know if you have any ideas 





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You need to open up the Legacy Shader and move the slider to the left toward scenery.  That should get rid of the black thingy's around the lights.  Never seen night textures like you have.  Must be an issue with REX.  The third picture down looks like the textures are normal until you get on the runway.  You might have turned on some type of enhanced runway program.


Best regards,

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Thanks for the reply Jim 


so what i did was take REX back to default textures and it was still there, 

i turned off all runway textures in rex and still there 

so i disabled FSDreamteam KLAS and they went away on the runway however now out in the grass they are there :(


look like i might have a reinstall in my future any other ideas 

however the legacy slider did correct the black shapes 




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