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FSX Toolbar Crash

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After a series of crashing from clicking on anything in the in-game toolbar i completely re-installed fsx (Deluxe W/Accelaration). Howeverm when getting back on to test before i added any addons, the problem was back. The game just crashed to desktop and says it stops working. Ive tried the UIAutomation core fix soo many time without success. Before i uninstalled i had brief success with running as admin, but soon after it died.




Windows 7 64bit

I5 3570K @ 3.40GHz



Seagate 1TB HDD

Gigabyte DS3H-Z77 MotherBoard

Corsair 600x PSU

8GB Corsair Vengeance Low Profile RAM



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You stated you tried the UIAutomationcore.dll "fix" and it didn't work but there are two versions going around AND some people around the Internet have wrongly been advising to place the 64 bit version of the UIAutomationcore.dll in the main FSX folder.  Here is something I have written up about this module:

UIAutomationcore.dll - This module placed in your main FSX directory will sometimes fix FSX from freezing up after hitting the FSX menu and also right clicking the menu repeatedly (20 or more hits).  The Vista version of this module will stop FSX from freezing up when you hit the FSX menu or do a lot of right clicking inside of FSX several times during a flight session.  Some AVSIM members have tried to duplicate this crash by repeatedly hitting the FSX menu and have been unsuccessful.  The UIAutomationcore.dll is part of the Microsoft.net package, released for various versions of Windows.  We advise members as follows:


  • This “fix” only fixes menu and right clicking crashes and will not prevent any other type of FSX crash.
  • Use only if you have Windows 7, 64 bit installed.  Not for 32 bit Windows OS systems.  Based on an Internet search, it was found that many individuals have been wrongly advised to install the 64-bit version since they have the 64 bit version of Windows installed.  This is wrong as FSX is a 32-bit application and doing so will have no effect on FSX.
  • Windows 8, 64 bit users can try this fix for menu freezes but at your own risk. We believe it is incompatible.
  • We do not recommend placing this module in the main P3D V2.0 folder.
  • Do not automatically place this module in your main FSX folder. Wait until a problem as described above occurs.  There have been several incidents where this module has been found incompatible and has actually caused other types of CTD’s.  When the individual removes the module, CTD’s stop.
  • It has been proven beyond any doubt that the module will not fix any other type of FSX crashes.  Any member can see this by looking at AppCrashView reports in the CTD Forum where the UIAutomationcore.dll in the main FSX folder loaded but the crash was caused by another module. 

If FSX freezes up while going back and forth from the FSX menu during a flight, try placing one of the following 32 bit UIAutomationcore.dll modules into your main FSX folder:

Version: 6.05840.16386 - This 32 bit version was the Vista and pre-FSX SP1 version which seems to work the best for the majority of members. We recommend this version be installed.

Version: 6.0.6001.18000 - This version is the version used with Vista and FSX SP1.  It is recommended by many computer experts throughout the flight simulator community but has caused problems for several as attested in our CTD Forum.  This version is not readily available on the Internet except at a few commercial websites (i.e., Flight1 SimForums or PMDG) that believe this version is the proper one to install.  If you find that the 16386 version did not prevent FSX menu freezes, you can conduct a search for the 18000 version.  More information about the proper version can be found at the following link - http://forum.avsim.net/topic/421820-wrong-version-of-uiautomationcoredll/.


If you get a crash, your should do the following:


AppCrashView - usually, when you get a CTD, a Windows Error Report (WER) is generated by Windows.  This report is not very detailed and Microsoft did not make it easy for you to find or interpret the report.  After a crash you should download and run a neat utility called AppCrashView (click on AppCrashView to go to the website to download this program).  It interprets the Microsoft WER reports and provides more details.  If you post a CTD or problem, you should copy and paste the report in your topic.  Along with this, include your system specifications.


Windows Event Viewer – The Windows Event Viewer can provide a wealth of information regarding your CTD or information about your crash that may not have been recorded in a Windows Error Report.  You can get to your Windows Event Viewer by clicking on the Start Button and, in the Search box, type Event and then look up in the Menu and click on Event Viewer. Windows 8 users should follow the guidance at the following link: Opening Windows 8 Event ViewerOnce open, click on Custom Views and then Administrative Events.  Critical, Error, and sometimes Warning Events are what you should be interested in.  Administrative Events will show you everything that happened to your computer each time you turned it on and while it is running. 


Hope this helps.


Best regards,

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