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SweetFX tests

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I tried a bunch of SweetFX presets and felt every single one of them was terrible. They all tried too hard IMO and were overly dramatic with the settings.. Everything I tried looked fake when FSX only really needed just a "slight" change.. Just a little *umph* to tighten things up..


This is my attempt at dealing with it.. It might be worse for you.. Who knows.. For me though.. This is perfect.


Link to presets: https://www.mediafire.com/?4pgv5kkc6g944xl


Sorta hard to see the differences in resized forum screenshots until you load it and toggle between the two. 


Default (w/ UTX) SweetFX - OFF




Default (w/ UTX) SweetFX - ON




Orbx PNW - SweetFX - OFF




Orbx PNW - SweetFX - ON



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