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DX10, 737NGX and OpenCockpits CDU v3

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Okay guys, I hope I'm in the right forum, but I think I have narrowed the problem down to being a DX10 issue.


I recently bought the OpenCockpits CDU v3 for use with my PMDG 737NGX. To get this device working I have to drag a docked window with the NGX CDU screen over to the OC CDU (which acts as a second monitor). Everytime I try this when running in DX10 mode I get a CTD, while in DX9 mode everything seems to work.


The CDU is connected tot an Intel HD Graphics 3000 via a VGA cable.My main monitor is a 24 inch Dell connected to my Nvidia Geforce GTX 660.


I'd rather run FSX in DX10 as it is way more stable (on my system) than it was in DX9 mode, also it seems to perform a little better.


Has anybody else encountered this problem or does anybody maybe have some tips on how to get this working? Thanks in advance!


My specs are in my profile and my FSX.cfg in the following link:



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Thanks, I will try that. I ordered a VGA to DVI converter to try connecting it to my Geforce. I'll be up in Finland the coming days, but will report back when the problem is solved.

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