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A strange OOM

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This one happened yesterday twice in a row: takeoff with A2A 172 from Catania Fontanarossa (LICC) with heading about 040 toward Reggio Calabria (LICR). After 15 minutes or so of a perfect,smooth, 36 fps flight, cockpit shadows go berserk, then some hiccups and bang: OOM.


Tried it again and had the same result.


So today I tried the same flight with my resource monitor open and found out that the shadow artifacts and hiccups occurred when my VAS was around 2.6 GB and GPU memory around 3.5 GB (I have a 4 GB 770 card). Then the OOM occurred with VAS @ 2.6 GB and GPU memory @ 3.8 GB. 


I tried again the same flight with the stock A36 and had no shadow artifacts, no hiccups and no OOM, although my VAS was at times up to 2.8 GB and GPU memory over 3.8 GB.


From this experience I deduce that I haven't got a clue about memory mangement. I thought that OOM's occurred when your VAS went over 4 GB, but anyway the A36 flight doesn't make a sense: I was actually using more memory than before with the A2A but had no hiccups, no artifacts, no OOM.


Help anyone? Maybe you can also reproduce my flight: I have FTXGlobal installed and the A2A, I am keeping textures at 1024 and LOD at high. Frames over the whole flight are consistently at 36 (limited there).

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