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  1. You're original post states you only have " I have a pure Orbx scenery library...No other add ons...I am running Orbx Global Base, but that is absolutely all." I'm guessing you have FTX Global - this is a total texture replacement...nothing else...and can't be "switched off" via scenery library and will NOT cause any elevation issues. I'm guessing you also have FTX Vector - this is a replacement for roads/railways/rivers/coastlines etc and as you are aware, can be switched off via scenery library. However, this product also includes elevation adjustments for airports in this product and this is what WILL be the cause of your issues. Have a search on the ORBX forums as its quite a widely known issue there....they also provide a tool to try and help alleviate/eradicate/minimise some of these elevation issues without having to switch anything off. Regards
  2. Are you running FTX Vector (gives you roads/railways/coastlnes etc)? I ask because you can't disable FTX Global as it doesn't insert any entries in the scenery library at all...it's a straight up texture replacement of the original FSX textures with no scenery library entries to disable. FTX Vector does....and it's also got some well documented elevation amendments around airports that can put airports on plateau's or in troughs depending on how (in)accurate the original FSX airport elevations can be. Regards
  3. Hi Michael Slightly off topic but just a note on the above as I experience the same "improved" performance with Nico's program too. However, I believe the performance gain is because Nico's program actually has to load less aircraft than UT2 etc.and not through having any lighter overhead. For example, if you're at Heathrow then UT2 will clearly load all of the aircraft in the air around you....clearly as will Nico's program....so no real difference between the two. The key difference arrives where UT2 (and other AI programs) will also load/spawn/inject the aircraft that are on the GROUND at ALL other airports/airfields (min or & major) around you and not just at Heathrow whereas Nico's program doesn't. In the above scenario, UT2 is having to inject aircraft on the ground at major hubs such as Gatwick, London City, Luton, Stansted as well as at all of the smaller airfields around London within the standard fsx ai radius etc etc which is what drags anyone's performance down around most of the bigger hubs....as bigger hubs are usually in bigger cities....with more airports around etc. Using Nico's program these ai...on the ground...aren't needed to be loaded/spawned/injected en masse....the only ground traffic that gets loaded is at the airport your are departing or arriving at. This is where I believe the performance gain comes from - I have actually compared the 2 using the sdk traffic explorer (as you or anyone else can) and Nico's program can load up to 60% LESS ai models through not having all those additional extra ai on the ground bogging down the sim. I'm not at all saying Nico's program is better....its not.....it still has flaws big time...I'm ust trying to explain where this myth that seems to exist of it "having better performance" comes from I hope this makes sense. Back on topic!! Regards Steve
  4. Hi Steve Thanks for chiming in here with some more info on UT Live. However, your explanation actually provides more questions than answers lol. I'd be grateful if you could provide further detail in the following areas: "With the simulation engine using flight plans" - does that mean you've moved back to a bgl format?? "Note the size of UT2. UTLive is actually considerably smaller" - is that not because it appears that you only provide 2 flightplans?? If so, are add on schedules going to be produced for free, or are they going to be payware? "A plane may be delayed because of weather conditions in various regions. There may be maintenance delays. And this effects the entire ecosystem. When a plane is delayed, it affects its arrival, and next departure. Bad weather in a region may cause many delays in another region that has good weather, as planes have not arrived yet. So the simulator responds accordingly, even to a single flight delay" - are these weather/maintenance "delays" going to be generated randomly, or are they based on real world data (which seems odd as you state its NOT based on a real world data feed)?? "Generic repaints can now be toggled on or off is a new option" - Nope....this option was/is an option in UT2. Again, whilst I fully understand its early days in the marketing blurb some more detail regarding: What aircraft models does it use, what repaints (if any) will be provided? How will it follow sids/stars etc, Can it run on a networked PC? Will there be a demo available? Will I still be able to use any existing flightplans with it? Will I still be able to add repaints/models, will it be much less convoluted? Will there be a "power pack" or similar to be able to convert/add flightplans that aren't shipped/available? Has the flight over water issue been fixed? would be much appreciated!! Thanks again Regards Steve
  5. Interestingly, or worryingly, the two sets of "preview" screenshots posted don't actually show anything new at all - other than a newer interface. All of the "functionality" present in those new shots is already present in Ultimate Traffic 2: The Traffic generation settings i.e.target frame rate/distance to spawn ground aircraft etc is all in UT2 The tail number modifications are already in UT2 The traffic board is already in UT2 The flight map is already in UT2 The aircraft label options are already in UT2 The aircraft assignment/configuration is already in UT2 Also noted in the new screenies is: a tab "Aircraft using generic Daedalus" (aaaargh!!) and visible in the Addon Flight Schedule Information section the following - "A sample addon schedule is provided with utLive with 2 flights included...."!! There's nothing on the "live" aspect at all whch I would have imagined would have been the first, and biggest, plus/selling/draw/feature of any new product. I appreciate its early days.....I'm still hopeful, and surely there has to be a lot more to the new Ultimate Traffic not yet revealed....but after seeing these screenies I'm beginning to wonder if it's not going to simply be a rehash of UT2 for P3D (with the flight over water bug fixed etc.) which would be a huge disappointment to say the least. Regards Steve
  6. Hi Nico I'm one of those that has the "non starting" PSXseeconTraffic application - although I am running Vista Home Premium 64 bit (I appreciate its not W7 but you've expressly stated earlier that it is/was Vista compatible). I DO have that dll in my C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder (Date Stamp 10th May 2016) yet the program won't start. Regards Steve
  7. I also have the same "non starting" PSXseeconTraffic.exe issue - I am on Vista (64 bit) though. Regards Steve
  8. Spot on there. That Emanuel Hagen is an arrogant piece of work - his attitude, and tone (as much as a written post on a forum can have tone!!) is diabolical. Even if Aerosoft don't say thanks, and goodbye to IDS, they should at least reign this fool in too because his antaganostic attitude, even making allowances for him in presuming English is his 2nd language does Aerosoft no favours whatsoever. Its also laughable that every post thats not blowing smoke up their asses gets marked down - look at Ray's in the Nassau & Manchester threads - they are polite, constructive even and in no way rude or aggressive yet they get minus points....anything by Mathjis or a mod gets the plus points regardless....comical. Aerosoft almost used to be instabuy stuff years ago and when Aerosoft announced a product, it was something to look forward to. Nowadays its very hit & miss, I haven't bought anything from them for a long time and probably won't for a long time to come. The issue has already been discussed here, and its clear Aerosoft have no quality control whatsoever anymore. IDS EGCC was clearly "thrown out" to compete with Gary/UK200 - and that's looking like it's gonna backfire, if it hasn't already!! With all of Aerosoft's experience/knowledge in the FS addon world, they must be able to see that IDS are simply setting themselves up to fail with the way they design their sceneries. I wouldn't expect Aerosoft to throw IDS "under the bus" here, but they should at least acknowledge that their products do need a hell of alot of work/redesign and that they are going to work with them in making them more efficient. They seem to forget that people buying EGCC, for example, are paying Aerosoft the cash for the product....they're not paying IDS....and in that I would reasonably expect Aerosoft to sort it.....and doing so in a much more customer friendly manner too wouldn't go amiss. Regards Steve
  9. Jay Tom Main is certainly one of the original devs of Ultimate Traffic. The Flight 1 announcement asks for beta volunteers to "please email Tom Main .....at... aeriustraffic.com". Aerius Design is also a co-dev of ATCpro alongside Flag Mountain Software (Tom Murdock's LLC) - they are/were also an developer of Ultimate Traffic 2. So....I'd say yes - it's certain that the original developers of Ultimate Traffic 2 are involved in creating UT Live. I'm not expecting that UT2 be fixed/updated/revisited...not at all - just be nice to know where they sodded off to back then., and looking forwards knowing that they released a product and then disappeared off the face of the earth will certainly "temper" my enthusiasm to instabuy. I always thought it strange that in response to the numerous requests for answers/support on the official UT2 forums, Steve Halpern & Flight 1 eventually advised us that they could not contact the devs anymore and so were unable to give us any definitive answers/solutions yet they still had (& still do have) the product for sale on their website!! I seem to remember back then suggesting that Flight 1 should simply stop sending them any further proceeds from the sale of UT2...I'm sure that would have prompted a response from the two Tom's pretty darned quick!! Regards Steve
  10. Sounds great to me....as i have, still use as the only AI in my sim, and absolutely still love, Ultimate Traffic 2....but....there'd be a BIG question mark for me over the dev. I believe Tom Main (Aerius) and Tom Murdock (Flag Mountain Software) were the devs of Ultimate Traffic 2 and it was/is distributed by Flight 1. They hung around for a bit after release in the forums etc and responding to some initial bugs/issues and then...according to Flight 1....became uncontactable and/or failed to respond in that forum over some of the remaining "bugs" that UT2 has such as the disappearing flights over water etc and the horrid schedule updates (in the early stages as the latter ones, whilst still horrid, I believe were nothing to do with them). Afaik, they're back in business together as the Tracon sim- ATCpro - seems to be a joint Aerius/Flag Mountain venture....be nice if they reappeared and maybe offered some sort of explanation over where they disappeared off to back then as it left a sour taste for me. I'll still be watching with interest...but with a healthy dose of caution!! Regards Steve
  11. Sad news indeed and condolences to Tom's family. RIP Tom, and thank you for your enormous contribution to our hobby.
  12. That's exactly what I see in DX10 too - that distinct circle effect. If there was any way to "soften" the edge of the sun I think it would appear truer to life.
  13. Can anyone help me??? I've downloaded the latest version ( 02 Nov) and unzipped the zip file to my C Drive. When I click on the exe...all I get is "AirTrafficManager has stopped working - Windows is checking for a solution". I'm running FSX Acc....i've tried installing .NET 4.0 - I get a message to tell me its already installed Ii have various versions of Simconnect already installed (I currently run UT2 and that uses Simconnect) I use a free version of FSUIPC Any assistance would be appreciated. Regards Steve
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