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USB Port issues

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During my long haul flight with the 777LRX yesterday.. all of my USB ports on the back panel seemed to stop functioning.  I came back to the PC after leaving it in cruise for some time and noticed the light on my mouse was dead.  After further investigation I realized none of the ports on the back of the PC were working.. keyboard, mouse, rudder pedals.  However, I have my CH Yoke and X52 throttle plugged into the front panel ports and both seemed to work fine.  Ultimately I had to scrap a 13 hour flight 20 minutes from the TOD because of this, which was pretty frustrating.  Heres the strange part that I cant seem to figure out.. the device manager shows no flags or problems with the USB network and the control panel IS recognizing the hardware thats plugged in but with no functionality.  All drivers are up to date (reformatted not long ago).  When I plug my mouse in, the light flickers on it.  Again, my front panel ports seem to work fine, its just the rear ones with the issue.  I just wanted to post in here to see if anybody has had this experience before I start tearing the whole PC apart.  Specs are below, thanks!


Intel i5 2500k @ 4.5Ghz

Asus P8P67 Pro

G.Skill 8GB DDR3-1333

GeForce GTX570

Samsung SSD 830

Corsair 620w PSU

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

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The flickering mouse light suggests to me a weak USB port or possibly a USB device that's failing and drawing excessive current. 


Start by confirming the devices work properly by plugging them--one by one--into the known working ports on the front.


Assuming you don't have a bad peripheral, I'd start by trying a powered hub...sometimes the on-board USB ports can't sink enough current to properly power the devices plugged into them.  And sometimes on-board USB ports do go bad.  If the port is bad, you could multiplex the good ones with one or more hubs, or put in a third-party USB card.



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Hi Bob, thanks for the reply!


I did end up going to Walmart and bought a cheap-o USB hub (non-powered).  Works ok for now but im definitely going to contact Asus and see what their policy is on an RMA.. if 6/6 of the rear ports managed to suddenly go bad on me like that, I imagine it wont be long before the remaining ones go toes to the sky (PCs have empowered me with much optimism :unsure: ).  Thanks again!

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