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Topic Flags and Tags (A little overwhelming?)

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Browsing through the forums today, something which has been creeping up on me finally seemed to cross the line enough for me to mention it...




While the intent is certainly understood, the implementation of the topic tags, flags, and badges seems to be cluttering up the once clean and easy to read topic lists within some forums.  Granted, not all forums are encumbered by lots and lots of pinned or flagged posts, but when they are the forum seems to be lit up like a Christmas Tree. I'm but a single voice out here in a cast of tens of thousands, but it would be great if these topic flags could somehow be adjusted or subdued a bit.


I like it when the topic subjects are always left justified - makes it much easer to scan for topics that interest me. To that end, if we could have these flags sit to the right of the subject instead of the left would make that a bit easier - much like the "Hot" tag seen on the 3rd item down in the screenshot. For longer subject lines which push these flags up to a new line, having them also be right justified will keep the subject's left hand edge nice and clean.


If at all possible, a slightly less VIBRANT color scheme would be nice too - while the colors certainly do help to get the flags noticed, it just seems like they are a bit too noticeable right now. Some of the flags certainly deserve bright red treatment, but others might be just as effective with a little less emphasis. Another idea is to shorten/abbreviate some of these flags to take up a little less space. A checkmark only for threads with "an answer", using the word "Pin" instead of "Pinned".... "At Risk" instead of "At Risk of Closure".... etc. etc.


I'm obviously not going to stop reading the forums over this - but from aesthetic perspective I think they could use some adjusting to make the forums a bit easier on the eyes.  I thought I'd bring this up because I have nothing better to complain about today. :smile: 


For your consideration...





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Hi Greg,

It's difficult to please everyone.  I'm sure you know this but try being the President of a local organization, a CEO of a major corporation, a supervisor of a branch office, a military commander, or any organization where you are the leader (including your household). You'll find it is impossible to please everyone in the group/organization all of the time no matter how hard you try (and it is our desire to please as many members as possible). If we changed the color scheme, someone else would surely raise heck with us because the colors are not eye-catching and need to be more vibrant.  Put the flags over to the right and all heck would probably break loose! "I can't see them!" "They're too small". I'm afraid you (and probably many others) are going to have to put up with the various schematics of websites, the good and the bad.  We try our best to make things just "perfect" for all members of AVSIM.  It's not an easy task.  One thing we try to do is to hold down the number of pinned topics but, when you have a major product release like P3DV2, our moderators try to set up things to make it easier for you to find out what's new, what are the best tweaks, compatibility with other products, etc., so you don't have to go looking all over for the information.  That task alone is not easy trying to keep things in order and up-to-date to assist our membership. I think most want the information about problems or fixes immediately and at their fingertips. I don't expect this to last much longer at the P3D Forum as the product matures or we may look at some ways of consolidating the information into one pinned topic.  We continually look for new website innovations to make your experience here at AVSIM as enjoyable as possible.

Thank you for your comments and suggestions to improve AVSIM.  We appreciate it.
Best regards,

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