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Need guidance on my system for FS

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Hey everyone, it's been years since I've been deep into a flight sim my last one was FS2002 and I miss it a lot and am looking to get back into it. 


I have a home built system I did years ago and I am hoping to leave it as is and just upgrade the graphics card but I have no idea where to start.  this is my current system:


windows xp

2.8Ghz core 2 duo E7400

ASUS P5Q LG 775 motherboard

4gb ram

1 500gb esata hard drive

1 320gb hard drive

not sure of the GPU but I think it may be a GEforce 6700 or similar low end model


plan on hooking it to a 40" HDTV through hdmi


Should I even consider putting xplane or fsx on this system with a better graphics card, or stick with FS2004? I am gonna want to get on avsim and have decent looking graphics but hope to only get a better graphics card and not spend too much.


Any opinions are appreciated thanks!

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My opinion is that you probably won't be happy with FSX on that system,  It will probably run ok in it's vanilla state, but start throwing some add-ons at it and it will likely slow down quite a bit.  FS9 should run ok though you may have to make some compromises with your settings to keep it running smooth. If your MB is unlocked, and it's something you are comfortable tackling, you might want to look into overclocking it.  You really need to be above 3 gHz  to get the most out of it, closer to 4 gHz, even better.  One caveat though...don't do this if you don't have a good CPU cooler, a well ventilated case and a way to monitor your temps.  As for the graphics card, my gut tells me that you aren't going to get stellar performance on that 40" if you run it at it's native resolution.  As far as upgrading the card, you can do that, but your choices are going to be limited with that MB and CPU.  Going off the top of my head, I think the NVidia 295 is about as far as you can go without an upgrade to your MB and CPU.  The other issue is that you will need a substantial power supply to run that card, 750w minimum.  Honestly, and I hate to bring you down, but if it were me, I'd be looking at a new system that can give you the performance you're looking for and can carry you for a few years down the road with upgrade possibilities. 

Cheers.  :smile:

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