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Transponder knob keyboard command?

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I've had a little play and to get Mode C you need to assign a key with FSUIPC to send 70432, with parameter 4

To turn off mode C you send 70432 with parameter 1


This is for the NGX



Assigning Shift-N to select Mode C results in FSUIPC lines;

[Keys.PMDG 737]



x is a number dependent on how many keys you have assigned



Thanks Ray, I tried it and got it partially working. The problem is that FSUIPC doesn't seem to accept or save the parameter value. So i.e. I want to assign Transponder Mode C to CTRL + SHIFT + T I go to Key Presses, then Set, I press the keys, than select Custom Control and enter 70432, click OK. In the parameter box I enter 4. I click OK and all the key does now is controlling Transponder Mode STBY. I wondered why so went back and checked, turns out the parameter value was set at 0, which is the value to select STBY, so that's correct. Tried it again but no matter what parameter I enter it doesn't save and just reverts to 0 if I come back.

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Hi Arjen,


I suspect your not pressing 'confirm' in FSUIPC.



In FSUIPC - Key Presses, Set, Ctrl-Shift-T, Custom Control, 70432, Parameter  - 4, Confirm, OK

That should save it for you?



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I don't know IVAO, but the VATSIM controller clients have an adjustable value for the Radar Alert "Floor".


If aircraft are below the floor, nothing will trigger the proximity alert.


When I control an airport, I usually set this value to about 400ft above airfield elevation, because landing aircraft are actually not in danger of colliding with aircraft holding on the taxiway, even if they are just 50 metres laterally and 0ft vertically separated. You can still see the blips on the taxyway... in fact you actually CAN see the aircraft on the taxiway as a proper data tag... callsign, cleared-to altitude, etc, instead of just a mysterious "dot" with no data.


Sometimes I wish the controller software came with some of these settings enabled by default! (so that pilots wouldn't have to put up with all this silliness).

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Anybody knows how to implement this in IFly?

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