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Christopher Low


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I have asked this question before, but I would like to get confirmation from multiple responders. Basically, I have stutters at the very largest airports when there are large numbers of AI planes there. The framerates are pretty good. It's just those annoying stutters. I have noticed that reducing the AI to around 50% can virtually eliminate the stutters, but I want to know if purchasing a new graphics card with a greater amount of VRAM would help.


I currently have a 1GB GeForce GTX 560Ti, and I was wondering if upgrading to (for example) a 2GB GeForce GTX 760Ti would reduce those stutters. Would FSX utilise the increased amount of VRAM? If so, would this help my stutter problem?


Setting Bufferpools to 0 has improved the situation at some large airports (not the very largest ones), but this has resulted in "flashing graphics" issues (although not excessive).

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Unfortunately a better GPU won't make any difference for this specific issue.


Increased AI density is a disproportionately heavy CPU load, well, like most things in FSX, and further, anytime you start pushing past the 150-200ish active AI in the "bubble" things tend to get a bit rough. In all honesty, if we're talking full fat real world schedules, anything past 30-40% is wishful thinking  :lol:


Now if you wanted to pump up the SSAA levels then sure.

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