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Things to backup before trying DX10?

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I tried DX10 on my system a while before installing a new SSD and found performance was worse for me than with DX9. It may have just been my imagination but I felt that DX9 had been affected when I switched back. I want to give DX10 another chance with my new install of FSX but I also want to make sure that I can return back to exactly the same DX9 that I had before if DX10 doesn't work for me again. Which files does the DX10 preview modify? I have a full backup of FSX but I don't want to have to replace everything, just the files that are changed.

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If you have never ticked the Dx10 box...


Ticking the DX10 preview creates a D3D10=1 entry in the [GRAPHICS]

section of the fsx.cfg file.

If you feel you need to, you could back up your fsx.cfg file.



A  [DISPLAY.Device.Your graphics card .0.0] entry will also be created.

This will restore any settings in the FSX Display section to default.

They will need to be reset to your preferences.


Dx10 specific shaders will be created  and used.


If you have already ticked the box, these will already be present.


Unticking the Dx10 preview box will change the D3D10=1 to D3D10=0.


You may leave the [DISPLAY.Device.Your graphics card .0.0] entry in the

fsx.cfg file and the Dx10 shaders have no effect at all in Dx9.


Nothing therefore to back up.

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Thanks for the information! Time to give it a second try.

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