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737 NGX issue- Freezes every 2-5 minutes

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Hello All,


I recently installed the PMDG 737 NGX on my flight sim PC. However, I have been having issues when loading up/selecting the aircraft from the free flight menu. Everytime I load the aircraft, FSX just freezes (for about 5 minutes). After 5 or so minutes I am able to see the aircraft spinning in the preview window and move it around. When I go ahead and load the flight, the loading takes the usual time but again as soon as the scenery,airport and 737 NGX is loaded, FSX freezes again for couple of minutes. Once resumed it works for couple of seconds before freezing again. I have noticed that if I try doing anything with the aircraft VC, it seems to freeze up FSX. I have seen a lot of freezing issues posted, however I could not co-relate anything to what I am facing. I tried the following :


1.) Updating FSUIPC.

2.) Copying UiAutomationCore.dll to FSX installation folder.

3.) Re-installtion of FSX & PMDG Aircraft.


None of the above seemed to make a difference. Also bear in mind that I am currently not running any scenery add-ons. For testing purposes I tried running Airbus X extended and it seems to work flawlessly.


Is there anything I can try to get this up and running ? Any help would be appreciated.


My computer specs are as follows :


Processor: AMD FX 6300 -6 Cores - 3.5 Ghz

Video: ATi Radeon HD 7750 - 1 GB

OS: Windows 8.1




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Couple questions:


1. Do you have the 777 product installed?


2. What about the RAAS Pro product?


3. Do you have an affinity mask setting in your fsx.cfg file?

Ryan Maziarz

For fastest support, please submit a ticket at http://support.precisionmanuals.com

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Hi Ryan,


1.) No. Only the 737 NGX on the current computer.

2.) Yes and No. I have RAAS (locked) from the airbus extended installation. Haven't installed the the RAAS Pro though.  Could RAAS cause an issue ?

3.) I believe I do. I will have to check once I go home from work. Looking to set AffinityMask to 62. (Calculated from AffinityMask calculator for 6 cores with HT off due to having AMD processor : http://www.gatwick-fsg.org.uk/affinitymask.aspx?SubMenuItem=hardware).


Update:  I do not see the 10 minute loading time like I used to when selecting the 737 from aircraft selection menu window. It happens comparatively faster ( less than 1 minute approximately). However, once the flight is loaded, there is a freeze ( able to hear sound, but FSX & panel frozen). Takes about 5-10 minutes and then I am able to use the aircraft. Freezing occurs again at regular intervals of about 2-5 mins regardless of the where I am flying or what I am doing.

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I tried couple of things to get this working. However, there doesnt seem to be any much improvement.


I disabled the onboard sound device (Realtek HD audio) from my device manager and I find that the NGX runs well (without any freezes). But all the screens on the panel are black and clicking switches/knobs do not have any effect ? Can this freezing issue be related to sound device ?

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I would be curious to know if the affinitymask had anything to do with it. Ever since I have upgraded to ActiveSkyNext along side with some more tweaks that truely enhanced my fps better than the Word Not Allowed's tweaks did.


However since then, I have been experiencing brief pauses every now and then during flight with both the NGX and the T7, but they are no longer than 5 seconds each.

Ahmed Abdessalam


"That which means you can't, doesn't mean you ain't.

And that which means you ain't, doesn't mean you can't" -Ahmed Abdessalam

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