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dynamic LOD via art controls LUA SCRIPT

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Here is a short script that changes the LOD (of the 3D) dynamically depending on aircraft altitude. This helps with FPS on the ground and enhances the experience for higher altitude.

I didn't write the lua script - I just cut it down to my needs. The orginal script by MayDayC can be found here (see OP) and involves a lot more:


Although it works for me - this is HIGLY EXPERIMENTAL and may cause unknown side effects !!!

I just wanted to share the idea and outcome so far. Don't ask me about how it works - because I don't know. I'm just beginning to get my feet wet with this lua stuff.


Here's the script anyway:






-- Performance tweak and dynamic level of detail LOD adjustment script for X-Plane 10
-- Date: 15.04.2014
-- Version: 0.1
-- Author: MaydayC / Germany


DataRef( "h_ind", "sim/flightmodel/misc/h_ind")    -- Altitude over ground
DataRef( "LOD_bias_rat", "sim/private/controls/reno/LOD_bias_rat")
DataRef( "air_alt", "sim/cockpit2/gauges/indicators/altitude_ft_pilot","readonly")

-- The following parameters are the important parts for a higher framerate !!!!
-- 0.0 = deactivate - 1.0 = activate

-- fade_start_rate: Fade in objects in distance. Default is 0.5. With 1.0 max. visibility in distance is reached
set( "sim/private/controls/terrain/fade_start_rat", 0.9 )    

newlod = 1.2
oldlod = newlod
lod_factor = 3.0                                    -- Personal preference. Higher value = lowers the LOD

-- Set the initial Level of Detail
set( "sim/private/controls/reno/LOD_bias_rat", lod_factor )

function round2(num, idp)
  return tonumber(string.format("%." .. (idp or 0) .. "f", num))

function setLOD()
    -- calculate the level of detail     
    newlod = round2(math.abs(((h_ind) * 0.0010)-lod_factor),2)            -- Calculation could be changed.      
    if h_ind > 2500 or newlod < 1.2 then                -- Max altitude or higher = full LOD
     newlod = 1.2
    if newlod < 1.2 then        
     newlod = 1.2                                        -- Max LOD
    if newlod > lod_factor then                            
     newlod = lod_factor                                -- Lowest LOD
    if oldlod ~= newlod then
     -- finaly set the LOD if there is a change since last run
     set( "sim/private/controls/reno/LOD_bias_rat", newlod )    
    oldlod = newlod

function showLod()
    -- if needed display the LOD,
    -- pos = bubble(20, 20, "Status", "LOD: "..newlod)







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Gave it a quick test.

Seems to work for me, too.



Thank you for the heads up.

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