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  1. Well, not really a list, but a powerful searching tool and a ton of information about the work on the airport scenery: https://gateway.x-plane.com/airports/page At the bottom there is also a link to the "major airports" list (50 busiest airports worldwide, 40 already included in X-Plane as 3D). As there are probably more than 10.000 4000 user submitted airports, most with 3D, so a list wouldn't be very handy anyway. Best Flo
  2. I've seen it and it was discussed earlier. But I would be surprised to see a new default aircraft this late in the release. Maybe the Citation is a WIP model from LES. At least one member of the LES team was (or still is) working for Laminar on aircrafts for XP11 and maybe he tested the LES model in XP11. A long shot, though.
  3. Ben Supnik from Laminar commented on this in his developer blog a while ago. Threaded optimization seems to start a lot more threads and this, at some point, can overload the system and bring it down. Thus systems that can handle a lot of threads (mostly depending on number of physical cores and more virtuell cores and the handling of threads by the OS, I guess) and have less going on in the background won't be hurt by threaded optimization. Others will start to creep immediately. He is in contact with Nvidia and trying to set some flag for the driver not to use threaded optimization with X-Plane. Flo
  4. I think this is an effect created by Xenviro or another Addon. Can't reproduce it and it was neither announced nor mentioned in the release notes.
  5. I think they look really good. I was always under the impression that the default cloud engine could do much better if Laminar would give the textures, the skycolors and the art controls some love. Your experiments (and others) clearly show it. With more inside knowledge and maybe some tuning of the underlying engine it should be possible to make them look and behave really good. I'm still hoping we'll see a real upgrade early in the XP11 run. I'm just not willing to spend 70 bucks for an weather/clouds add-on that I will not be 100% satisfied with (as they all work around too many limitations and seem to compromise in one or the other way).
  6. Could you take a screenshot with internal FPS counter on in a situation where you suffer from stutters/pauses and post it here? I had a 90% simliar system 1 year ago and it could cope with XP10 quite well with medium or even high settings. Should run XP11 at least OK. Serious stutters and pauses are known to be caused by hitting the VRAM limit....so reducing resolution in X-Plane one notch could be worth a try. Latest NV drivers in combination with Win10 caused a lot of problems recently especially when other OS-windows are opened. This might be another culprit... Use absolutely no add-ons/plugins in XP11 in order to check performance issues! In general I would suggest to wait with in-depth-troubleshooting until the dust settles. If XP11beta itself is the reason for stutters - which might be well the case- all other troubleshooting will be a waste of time. In 10 weeks or so it will be much more reliable. Flo
  7. Unfortunately it's not. It has to do with calculating the aircraft's position in relation to the ground/outside world. It has been this way at least since XP10, probably forever. And it's unlikely that this will go away as there is no easy fix for this (from what I understand). It's hardly noticeable with airliners but very obvious with small GA. Performance porblems can have all sorts of reasons. AFAIK some people have stutters with XP11 beta, others don't. Setting up your graphics card (driver) right is crucial. Without detailed information about your system, settings (X-Plane + GPU) and install it's impossible to figure this out. Best Flo
  8. Maybe Laminar should include some useless background processes that make sure the CPU and the GPU are always_maxed_out. Everybody will be so happy and praise the good design!
  9. No perfomance-problems on my end. My windows-system has pretty much the recommended hardware and XP11 runs just fine with about the same settings as XP10 and 30+FPS F.
  10. Could you please send those few code lines to Laminar? I'm sure they will implement them as quickly as you write them
  11. Taking into account that the final product might be different from what the current beta is... here are a few questions, mainly concerning the rendering options, that came to me when watching different beta videos. I'm sure others are eager to ask questions too (and get answers of course Here we go: a) Is the 3D water already implemented? b-) What are the "windshield effects"? I've seen a checkbox for them... c) Is there an option to adjust the 3D objects rendering distance? I haven't seen one and it surprised me because of the huge impact on FPS this setting has in XP10 d) There seems to be a checkbox for shadows on/off. Does that mean you have either global shadows or no shadows at all? e) Is it possible to save different configurations (for different aircraft e.g.) for hardware like Yokes, Throttle Quadrant etc.? f) Did they rework the skycolors or is it the same set like before? I get that most beta testers are developers and have more pressing matters on hand, but maybe you have asked and answered some of the questions yourself. Thanks for any "beta insight". Flo
  12. They are probably evaluating their options. They are clearly not ready for a "polished" release. But they might need to rush it because XP11 is "ready" and will take a good share of the christmas-cake and the swingers. Options... Once they decided on the strategy, they will let us know. Flo
  13. Well, that's a big step up but I really think this is good and nescessary. They were fighting way too many fronts with XP10.: 3 OS, 32/64 bit, legacy hardware. Time to focus. Flo That's not facebook, it's their website.
  14. Yes, has been asked and answered http://www.avsim.com/topic/496097-x-plane-11-coming-november/?p=3492993
  15. This feature was never announced for XP 10.50. It was shown as part of future developement. It's not even sure it will be a XP10 feature. My guess is rather XP11. Best Flo
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