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Please help x2 !

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Please help me with two problems! 


I have a problem with two graphic things in my map over Sweden.



1. I have a updated addon ("amateur" build) airport (Bromma) that is made for fsx. But after install, the new fresh airport and FSX "original" Bromma airport is put together in scenery when I load it? How can I remove FSX original and only use/see the addon Bromma airport????



2. I use GEX Europe 2.10  and UTX Europe together and when a fly from Malmo to Copenhagen, the Sea is gone and there is land texture between Sweden and Denmark? How do I fix it?????


It's not fun to see Sweden and Denmark put together and that the bridge, "Öresundsbron" is built on land! :D


Please help!



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How long have you been using the airport? Judging by how you wrote, it looks like as soon as you started using the Bromma airport add-on you posted this. For starters, when issues like this occur you have to test out and experiment. Has this issue persisted for a while or have you only seen it happen once? Same with your Malmo/Copenhagen flight. You have to test problems out multiple times. But anyway...


...I'd first suggest to retry going to Bromma, and use slew to go over the sea between Sweden and Denmark (***If you slew, wait one to two minutes after slewing over the sea so things can load***). Of problems continue, proceed to read.



1.) I would try to first see if any other add-ons in the Bromma area are active. If so, delete them from FSX, or simply un-tick them from the scenery library via settings tab. If neither of these things work, try to completely uninstall Bromma using an uninstaller ***If provided***. If one is not provided (which any add-on should have, but may not), then open FSX, go to the settings tab > scenery library, and if Bromma is checked on the list, just un-check it. Then, exit FSX, and enter its main folder (Start>Computer>LocalDisk>ProgramFiles>MicrosoftGames>Flight Simulator) and from there, go to the "Addon Scenery" folder, and delete any directories relating to Bromma. Then, search on the comuter (via Start Menu) and search Bromma. If nothing comes up, it should be deleted. But if I were you, manually skim through the FSX folder by eye to see if any Bromma related folders/files are there. If so, delete them too.


***Now restart your computer*** then reinstall Bromma from the beginning, making sure you follow all the installation instructions.



2.) As for the Sweden - Denmark thing, that terrain issue actually happened to me today, except I was flying an F/A-18 on an aircraft carrier during a Canaveral Mission... and the terrain only covered a few thousand square feet - NOT the whole ocean. It fixed itself, and I don't know official ways to fix this, but I have ideas. I could only assume either your settings are too high, your FSX.cfg is corrupt, and/or your CPU/GPU is overheating or overstressed.


So first, lets work with the CFG. ***Make a backup, and save it to the Desktop.*** Then, delete the one in the folder. If you don't know where the FSX.cfg is located, go to the Start Menu, then click on Computer. Click on the long bar at the top of the window and delete the text "Computer," and instead, enter the following:




From that folder, single-click on the fsx file, then delete it.


Restart FSX so it writes a new one. It will prompt you if you want to access new features, and you could select Yes or No (doesn't matter). Once FSX is up and running, slew over the sea between Sweden then Denmark, then wait a minute or two for things to load. If the terrain is no longer there, great! If not, continue to read. Close FSX again. Now go back to the folder.


Left-click once, then right-click once on the new FSX.cfg, select "Open with..." then select a program by selecting either the "Recommended Programs" tab or "Other Programs" tab. **Make sure you select Notepad.** It is probably already set to this. :)


Now access the CFG and copy/paste the following text exactly into the top of the CFG:







Now restart FSX and. go to the setting tab, then the display tab, then go to the scenery tab. Now set "Water Effects" to High 2.x or higher. This will enable the Bufferpools command to work.


Is the sea-terrain problem solved yet?


From here, if the terrain issue, or even the airport issue, continues to persist, I prefer you post your computer specs so I could give a more/better answers, then I'll get back to you.




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