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FSUIPC: do the latest versions work w/ FS9 ?

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When I install v4.x the modules tab does not appear in the FS9 menu bar.


Edit:  Ah, nevermind, I see now at simMarket that v3 is listed under FS2004, and v4 is under FSX.

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fsuipc3 is kept compatible with FS9. I prefer to go directly to this page which has full and interim updates:



Specific notes are often on that page. If your full version is not current, download the full version and if necessary the interim version as well. In very rare occasions you just run the .exe installer for the full version or unzip and manually install an interim update.


In your modules folder you will find a file called fsuipc.key. Keep a safe copy of that outside of your FS folder such as in your documents. It contains keys for some of your add-ons that use fsuipc as well as your paid registration key such as:



Name=Ron Ginsberg


The link posted by JIm is the full support links including any important announcements.


Before installing a full version for the first time get this free utility Registry Check and Repair from:




You might have to right click on it and select run as admin. It will check that your FS9 path is correct in your Win registry. FSUIPC full installers use this to find the module folder. If fsuipc can not find your fs9 path it will ask for it. (Other apps use this as well.)


If you wish to get a paid user registration you can get a key here:


and you will get it and it will be in a return e-mail of the invoice which also might be retained in your simmarket order history.


You then after installing fsuipc as I indicated, start FS9 with a loaded flight, bring up the FS menu bar, click modules, and click fsuipc. On the main tab click register fsuipc and follow the process.


Keep a hard copy of your invoice return with the key in case you need to reinstall fsuipc3.


I use a user paid registration to get its many added features especially enable assigning keystrokes to extra functions in FS plus I prefer it for mapping my aircraft control devices beyond what FS offers as well as sometimes offering what the control device driver offered by a vendor does not.


The extra items available are listed in the fsuipc users manual.


Your paid registration includes all updates for version 3 until a new major version comes out - vary rare.


If you go to FSX/Prepare3D then you'll need a new registration for FSUIPC4.


Same policies on updates.

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Lots of great info there, thanks Ron. I had fs9 uninstalled for several years, flying FSX, and decided to get back into fs9. My backup of fsuipc 3.5 was not recognizing the old registration info so I tried version 4 which of course I soon learned is for FSX. Finally got version 3 registered, all is good now.

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