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Community driven AI traffic idea

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i was interested to see if there would be interest for a little program that would help getting more current AI traffic packages to FSX users for free

Before some of you jump on me with your beloved axe :lol:, the packages would obviously not include any of the original files, those would still have to be downloaded manually by the end-users.

it would work like this for the end-user
- you launch the program and load the selected package
- you download all needed files by clicking on the links (so the author will get his well deserved proper credits and his download counter will go up)
- you put them in the work folder
- the program automatically detects when all files are present, and that enables the install button
- you click install .. done !

then the main idea would be to let everyone create packages that they would be able to share by following a simple procedure. That would allow a faster spreading of new AI traffic package for everyone.

I'm not a pro-programmer (and the idea is free to take if someone wants, would be cool :ph34r:) but i tried working on it for a few hours and i think it's actually fairly easy to do (unzip the downloaded file, place them in the correct FSX folder, add the correct fltsim entry, ...).

Now of course if its not too hard to do the basic stuff, i'm well aware that there might be a lot of problems with this kind of software on modern systems (admin account, UAC, 'program files' folder permission, ...), and i'm not sure i have the skills to resolve all that.

anyway, just curious of what other people think of this idea (and also if it doesn't break any unwritten rules that i would not be aware of) ..

thanks for reading :wub:





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Just so I get this straight, this would be comparable to WOAI but users could crowdsource airlines without having to wait for someone else to pull together whats needed into an all-in-one file? 


How does/would your program automatically install the file? Or does it? 

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yeah if users could create their own packages it would spread out well, but well there would still be issues to resolve (quality control, where to upload the files, ....)


and btw woai is super great and they are on another level, they have the rights to include everything in their packages so that's unbeatable (and i'm a great woai supporter btw, probably have downloaded all their packages 10 times over the years)


the goal is just to be able to share more packages because most of woai packages are a bit old now and new ones come quietly (although i was happy to see they are releasing again recently)


so it would be a kind of complement to woai, with a big drawback though (if the links are dead, the package is useless)



you question : How does/would your program automatically install the file? Or does it?


actually the package tells the program where to copy the files


for example you have to download the FAIB320.zip model, then the package will tell the program to copy the folder named XXX inside the zip inside your aircraft folder (if it doesn't already exist). Same for textures. All folders and aircraft titles will have unique names (like woai) so that it doesn't mess with current installation and other ai aircrafts.



anyway early stages, it will probably never see the light hihi :rolleyes:


btw, off to work for the next 12 hours, so won't be able to reply to more questions until then.

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