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New Pilot question, CRJ700 ILS Glide path

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Hi all, firstly, yes I am 8 years behind you all and very sorry for a simple question from a new guy.

I bought the game a week ago as I wanted just to try it out. I have been having a LOT of fun with this.
I just have a tiny question about Free Flight in the CRJ700 if that is ok?

I am trying to do an ILS landing (Aberdeen from Birmingham) and for the life of me I cannot get the ILS to enter a glide path.
I am entering the code into the Radio Stack which is 109.9. I am turning on Nav one. I set a WP just in the North Sea heading directly into Aberdeen and I could swear I have everything right. I can hear what seems like Morse Code as I approach and I am trying to follow these steps.

1)Set flight plan into ILS "runway"
2)Fly using GPS mode.
3)Set coarse according to flight plan.
4)When runway is in sight, set ILS frequency.
5)When ILS signal is reached, switch GPS into NAV.
6)Switch off Altitude.
7)Switch on "APP"
8) When reaching outer/inner marker, switch off Auto throttle.
9)Moments before landing, disable auto pilot. (Never get there)

As I said, my apologies for what must be me doing something really stupid but I have seen quite a few videos and read forums but I just cannot get the plane to enter a glide path, or maybe I am hitting APP too soon.

If someone could spare 30 seconds to give me a pointer I would be greatful.



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I believe you meant to post this in FSX forum. To error is human, but to forgive is against company policy. 

Just funning you, wishing you a good day! :lol:

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You're talking about the default CRJ?


Never flown it, but maybe it's not even autoland capable.


Anyhow, in the beginning you wanna learn how to fly an ILS manually, forget about the autopilot. And if you've had FSX for a week you should still be flying traffic patterns on the Cessna. One step at a time :)


Oh, and take Rod Machado's lessons!

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