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4X SGSS - Q400 - clouds ... mission impossible?

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I spent some time trying to make 4X SGSS and the MJC Q400 work well (30 fps) in my environment.  (settings: http://www.robainscough.com/Prepar3D_Settings_2.html)


The bad news, only in less populated regions and minimal cloud coverage can I get 4X SGSS to perform well, shame because it visually looks fantastic.


The good news is "I think" I've managed to get the Q400 working reasonably well (minimal stutters) after some testing and research.  What I've come up with so far for my i7 3960X and Titan:



set to CPU 0/1






set to CPU 0/1
This isn't perfect, but it's moving in the right direction for my system as I was having very serious stutters using the Q400 in my other configuration that works well for most "other" aircraft.  I had to set AffinityMask to 4092 (all cores except 0/1) otherwise the terrain hi-res loading would fall behind and then once it gets too far behind it appears to give up completely (normally I run 2388).
It's unfortunate that I've had to do this, but it is what it is.
Here is a quick video I made showing the Q400 running reasonably well ... but also shows the impact clouds have with 4X SGSS.
I'm hoping LM can get official SLI support sometime this year as that would be most likely cure the SGSS 4X performance drop.   If anyone has managed to improve the SGSS and clouds (performance drop), please share your knowledge as I would like to try out any suggestions for improvement.
Cheers, Rob.
P.S.  Weather provided by ASN  ... my touch and go was a little harsh, but I was more focused on demonstrating the lower frame rates - low and fast helps emphasize.

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I'd venture a guess that even though it's not taking full advantage of SLI, in my experience it will still let you take advantage of very high AA settings. Not sure how the SLI AA modes work in DX11 though  - if at all.

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I recently upgraded to a 780 Ti, and SGSS still takes a toll on framerate with clouds. That AA process is so intensive with multiple transparencies that tri-sli Titans probably wouldn't be enough to cope.

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