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A Clandestine Story

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Thought maybe you would like to hear a good story about the clandestine flight I just completed. I was in multiplayer, hosted by someone else, and they had the weather set to Isolated Thunderstorms. It had wind from the east at 29kts. So I decided to hunt up a clandestine flight. I came up with one from Jewell (AK72) to Tyonek (TYE). Not taking the wind into consideration, big mistake. Next and even bigger mistake was I select the Maule for the job. Once you select the aircraft I don’t know how you can change it. I put in minimal fuel because Jewell only has 1360 ft. of runway, perfect for the CC. Well I crashed it 6 times trying every which way I could think of to try and get out of there, mind you the wind was 90° to the runway, in real life this would not be much of a factor until you got above the trees, not so in Flight. I was about to exit the mission when I decided to go to Top-Down view to see what the area around me looked like. To the east- south-east was an area worth looking at, so I taxied across the end of the runway, which triggered me for takeoff and taxied through the trees to a clearing that I saw. There was scrub brush in the area but it looked like a good possibility for a takeoff run, heading right into the 29kt wind. I was able to take off with ease and complete the mission. I had one hit of another aircraft from my JAFO, but that was all. There were a couple of other players that showed up when I was just about 5 kt. mi. out. Apparently JAFO can only see the law aircraft he did not report them. The one guy was circling overhead as I made my approach to land, probably wanted to see if I could land it with the 29kt. wind at about 60°. It wasn’t pretty but I put it down.  Also another observation I have made is that the hit of the law usually comes within 20-30 kt. mi. of the airport, so if you ever (and I’m speaking from experience) get a clandestine flight within the 20-30 kt. mi. range they could be on you just as you lift off.

Take care up there as always     J.R.  “Jack Harper T49” 

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Good story JR. The very reason I don't like the Maule.



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I second that Steve! :lol:


Here are 7 screen shots I started to take near the end of the mission.


#1 Is showing me the tag of the person who is the Host of this Multiplayer session, he is the only one who can set the weather conditions. It toggles back and forth between his/hers game tag and distance from you. In this case his Tag is “PaPyCouCou” and that he is 934.7 NM from me.




#2 Is showing me I’m down to 10% fuel and that I’m 11.2 NM from my destination.




#3 An oil rig platform pops in to view.




#4 and 5 PaPyCouCou has relocated to right above me as I’m about to set up my approach to land.






#6 and 7 Down and pulled to the side and watching PaPyCouCou approach to land.






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