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New Features in Prepar3D v2.x

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From a post by Rob Ainscough: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/441318-apart-from-dx11-what-has-improved-over-fsx/


Here is a list of items/features FSX does NOT have:

  • Tessellation
  • HDR (not the same as Bloom)
  • Special effects distance
  • Water reflections user vehicle
  • Water reflections SimObjects
  • Water reflections Terrain
  • Water reflections Vegetation
  • Water reflections Buildings
  • Shadow Map Count
  • Terrain Shadow Cast Distance
  • Cloud Shadow Cast Distance
  • Object Shadow Cast Distance
  • Internal Vehicle Cast/Receive shadows (partial Aircraft cast only in FSX)
  • External Vehicle Cast/Receive shadows (partial Aircraft cast only in FSX)
  • SimObject Cast/Receive shadows
  • Vegetation Cast/Receive shadows
  • Buildings Cast/Receive shadows (partial Buildings Cast only in FSX)
  • NoShadow Flagged Content
  • FXAA support
  • MSAA specification
  • Texture Filtering specification (although bug requires setting in P3D or using NI to set anything above 16X)
  • Volumetric Fog
  • Wave animations adjust to conditions and wind direction
  • DX11 support
  • Updated SDK (with VS support and more recent versions of 3DMax for better modeling)
  • SimDirector
  • Integrated SimConnect (now a managed part of P3D not a separate install)
  • Continued development of the product

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Very good point Sir.

Here is what P3D does not have: PMDG, tons of addons I paid a small fortune for.


Nonetheless, I too have P3D v2.2 installed on a seperate HDD.


Best regards,


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