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autorouter EU - Announcement

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Hello fellow flighsimmers,


A acquaintance of mine recently put together and made available a web site for creation of european IFR routings, aimed at real-world IFR pilots. The site is easy to use and does generate highly efficient routes that are validated against up to date rules from Eurocontrol, so if you're flying in real life too these routes will be accepted happily by the European flight plan submission system.

The site offers various export formats for generated flight plans, and I was allowed to add an export function to FSX/FS9 and X-Plane flight plan formats. Registering for an account is free and will remain so, so we invite any of you that are interested to try it out and use it for exploring ORBX openLC Europe when it's out - how I'm waiting for that... ;-)

The site can be found here: http://www.autorouter.eu/


I tested the FSX/FS9/XPX export function with a couple of routes already, and had no issues in FSX. I do not own X-Plane and only found somewhat thin documentation about its flight plan format on the web - the XPX export is implemented to comply with that description, but the hassle with the time-limited demo of X-Plane and the intransparently implemented flight plan feature prevented any in-depth tests in X-Plane. So please any of you who try it and have issues, please let me know (that goes for any of the sim exports, obviously)!

Please note that there might be issues with routes not being generated due to the exporter not recognizing some waypoints - this happened to me especially for long routes (cross-Europe): a good way to check whether an issue is with the the specific FlightSim-exports or whether it is more general: try a gpx (or any non-flightsim export) - if it doesn't work there either (i.e., gives you an empty or incomplete file) it's not a FlightSim export issue.


Have fun routing and flying!


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