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  1. Good to know, this was one of the planes holding me back from moving to P3D - though it's not directly clear to me whether it needs to be bought separately, from the web page. One less missing piece, let's see how this goes
  2. Ok then we're on the same page. I own both Dukes and have contacted them, but no useful answer so far. Keeping me fingers crossed...
  3. Not exactly right, if I understood this correctly - for VC panels that are RXP-ready, it supposedly possible to simply point to the Mindstar DLLs instead of the RXP ones. There is no real reason why this shouldn't work really, as the 3D models obviosly have to be the same (it's a GNS530/430 after all). I've been told this works for the A2A C172, the P-51D and the GNS430 in the Dukev2 (and so very likely also for the GNS530 in the Duke, as well as the same in the TDuke). That's the point in my post above - as soon as I'm shown a way how to switch the Dukes to the RXP panels without actually having to have them installed, I'd give that a try. Maybe someone with the RXP stuff and a Duke can help me with some discovery here? Probably would be sufficient to log file or registry accesses when opening the Duke configurator, I could tell you how to do that...
  4. Reality XP is a ridiculously overpriced product with no official support or active development, and with no clear path forward where things like future Windows versions are concerned (as it's simply a wrapper around a trainer software package from Garmin that was developed for XP-era Windows). Also it can only be updated by using official Garmin aviation database updates, which you can buy for the full price that Garmin charges for updates of real-life GNS430/530 units, or you might get current data through non-official channels from people who have bought the Garmin data - but I'm not sure that this is a Good Idea in the longer run. On the plus side, it's running in a process space outside of FSX, which means it doesn't contribute to the memory footprint of the FSX process and it can make use of cores that aren't used by FSX. Also it is probably the most feature complete offering, as it was originally intended as an official GNS trainer. My money will be on (and with, at some point this year) Mindstar, as the previous paragraphs might have hinted at. My one gripe with Mindstar at the moment is the very intransparent communication re implemented features, and support for plane addons. On features, the first answer is: "We implement everything the original GNS does, as our unit is used for real world training." Then, when someone asks for a feature of the real world unit that is missing in the Mindstar implementation, the answer is "we only implement those features that are actually relevant for our real-world-training customers." So... a bit hard to get a clear picture from that, as I'm not one of the real-world-training customers. On addons, if I got a clear message from Mindstar and RealAir that the GNS430/530 can be made to work with the Dukes, I'd have already bought the unit (for A2A there has been official support announced for the P-51D Civ and the C172 too I believe). But the RealAir dukes only let me switch to the external-gauge panels when I have the Reality XP stuff installed (which I don't, as I don't own it) and I haven't gotten an answer yet on how I might switch to those panels even without a Reality XP installation, and Mindstar is basically keeping out of the entire discussion and refer to the addon makers. Some trial and error by other form member in another form apparently have shown that you can simply drop in the Mindstar gauge into the Reality XP Duke panel, but only if you can get it to use those panels in the first place...
  5. I never understood the problem with windowed mode - it makes a second monitor usable for charts and checklists and things, plus it gets rid of any vsync issues on Windows 7 as long as you also run Aero after FSX stopped it (why it does that I've never understood either). Here is a handy little tool that makes windowed FSX behave just like it's running full screen, i.e. it gets rid of the title bar. It also can do other nifty things if you want it to, e.g. stop time acceleration our pause the sim on ATC messages: http://www.friendlyflusi.at/index.php?page=Thread&postID=127639
  6. Second this - voting for the ASN weather radar to be included.
  7. Yes, exactly. Because a GNS530 is a GNS530 is a GNS530, no matter how often you re-model the thing in 3D. No reason, and no product differentiation, in creating the umpteenth 3D model of that unit; provided the initial model is of sufficient quality for everyone, that is (and that might well be the challenge). VC designers can still go crazy over lighting and stuff like that. And it can make sense for Mindstar to actually have this done and offer it as a integration kit, because the easier they make the integration of their unit, the more plane builders will put their product in as an option, the more customers they will have. Basic rule of business: make it as easy as possible for people to give you money. The situation we have in this industry today is as if Cessna were creating their own Navigation unit software to put in their planes, Piper have some supplier to create it for them, Beechcraft put in a crappy nav software that has been implemented 15 years ago, and of course every one of them is designing and building their own (but identical looking) hardware and plastics panel for their units. I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea...
  8. Would buy it then. Also, Rob (RealAir) are you reading this? To reinforce my request through eMail: the TDuke v2 (and maybe a patch for the B60v2?) with Mindstar 530/430 integration, please? Those planes practically shout for a decent GPS unit, and the Mindstar stuff is a very interesting option, both looking at P3Dv2 which I'll migrate to this year, as well as price-wise.
  9. Is there a chance that you guys post the settings/config files for all the successful integrations? If it works in the Twotter, Miliz C310, A2A C172 and Civ P-51D with the next update, and the Realair Dukes, I think that's the critical mass for me.
  10. I'll buy the Mindstar units as soon as there is VC integration for the Dukes and the A2A Cessna - oh wait, working already? ... Ok, soon anyways. Ed, two questions if you don't mind: - what's the rough update cycle you plan for the GNS530/430 units? Two a year? - I know its not relevant for your primary market, but asking doesn't hurt: is there a chance for Navigraph AIRAC data as an update input source in the future? A near-future customer :-)
  11. Sounds like what's needed is a custom HSI/CDI gauge to go along with the GNSses?
  12. Ok - I gladly accept that as an answer and retract my initial proposal if that's the case. I was given the 6 months number by a aircraft addon developer for inclusion of the Reality XP gauges, that's why I was proposing that Mindstar do something to get this number down for their product.
  13. Bill, sounds like you know a lot better than I what you're talking about; I'm aware that a VC designer still would have to integrate the gauge 3D model into his cockpit, however I would be under the impression that you copy-paste the gauge model into your cockpit project, place it accordingly and that should be that? Or lets turn this around: which task, in the process of integrating a 3D Garmin Gauge, takes 6 months of work? And can this effort be reduced by providing integration templates to plane designers? If so, how would those templates have to look? I'm happy with Mindstar only being an option for future aircraft (as I currently consider the Turbine Duke v2 to be such a future aircraft ), and I've no issue with P3Dv2 either - would probably be the tipping point for me to migrate...
  14. Ed, how about if you partner up for creation of a 3D SDK with someone like Milviz? They give you the 3D models and 3D mappings and whatnot at the end of the project, and I'm sure there's stuff that would help them in turn - not for me to speculate about though. Please understand that I'm only making suggestions here, but if there was VC integration for the premier GA planes out there, both of your products would be an instant buy for me (and not just for me I believe): - your products receive active support - your products are reasonably priced - your products databases can be updated by 'normal' FSX means (though obviously I'd ask for Navigraph support next ) - you are in a position (re SDK and active development) to achieve a level of market penetration that means Mindstar is a company to place my bets with, as a customer I mean... how about, once you are readily integrated with the products of the companies I named above, you consider doing one or two autopilot gauges as well? Work around that limitation you mentioned, further increase market share, etc... might only work with plane developers who are willing to interface with your AP gauges on a sufficiently low level, no idea. But this is something that can be demand-driven, and it appears there are some out there willing to cooperate. In the end such cooperations will be win-win-win situations: 1. You win, because you can sell more products to more people 2. The plane developers win, because they get more functionality for lesser cost, compared to having develop the umpteenth realistic implementation of the XY gauge themselves 3. Customers win, because the scaling involved for Mindstar and plane devs means that the end product can be more affordable - plus we get all those nifty avionics into our high-quality plane models Ok I'm having visions again, I should go see a doctor. But please have a think about it...?
  15. Thanks :-) Maybe something like this could be set up by a pilot joint development between Mindstar and a premium aircraft developer, ideally with a bit of communication with the other players to find out what the do's and dont's are regarding a reusable 3D model; I'm thinking of Milviz, RealAir, Flight1, A2A and maybe Carenado. I'd offer help with the communication part, but I'm a nobody in this business and have no clue about 3D modeling. Otherwise, just PM me ;-)
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