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  1. Good to know, this was one of the planes holding me back from moving to P3D - though it's not directly clear to me whether it needs to be bought separately, from the web page. One less missing piece, let's see how this goes
  2. Uh right- if they recompiled then it's not a good idea (or replace everything binary and dll, but not willing to try that at the moment)
  3. What would really interest me, but haven't seen an answer yet (and too lazy to find out myself, tbh): What specific files contain whatever improvements have been done to SE? Because I'd like to just copy these over to my boxed install, should work like a charm (as long as it's not config files, where obviously path entries would have to be modified).
  4. Well lets be fair here... the comparison holds true if you place your order for the boxed version with some shop, at the same time when you're clicking "Install" on Steam. The bandwidth of snail-mailing a couple of DVDs is relatively good, but its more than 15 minutes. I'll move to SE once a) it's matured a bit more and b) ORBX have their new FTX Central ready, in the hopes that that thing will be able to auto-download and install all ORBX products I own. Because if I have to re-install all of that manually that alone would cost me a week...
  5. Also bought it as soon as I've seen this thread, did a little introductory flight from 0S9 to 05S as I've also just bought these two to wrap up on the ORBX sale - nice! Haven't been flying much lately due to Elite Dangerous demanding time, so it's special to get back with something like the Turbine Duke... I was not always ahead of the airplane on that flight, let's say. But one thing always stands out for me with RealAir machines: absolutely beautiful landings!
  6. Most comments about Steam-related aspects are made by people with no clue about Steam... par for the course.
  7. I didn't know this, thanks for the info - but that would be a good incentive to move onto a decent browser, should you be using any version of IE ;-)
  8. Find this update in your windows installation, and remove it: KB2670838 In my case this one caused FSX to crash after 5-15 minutes of playing.
  9. Anything from A2A - for the GA offerings it's actually possible to judge because many people have real-life time on those types. The new C182 is excellent, also the C172 and of course the PA-28. And if you've ever flown any of their warbirds, anything else will become boring...
  10. No, nothing in FSUIPC (at least, nothing that I put there - I'll re-check). There's actually two key assigned to mouse-look according to controls.xml, unfortunately neither one is the one that's bugging me...
  11. Thanks for the quick reply, but that's not it - there's still that stupid mouse-look-toggle binding associated with that key. Built-in/hard-coded? Any chance around that?
  12. Hi all, a question I don't even know how to ask properly: how can I remove the FSX key binding for the '^' key, on a German keyboard (key is to the left of the '1' key on the main key block)? When I assign something to that key in FSX it calls it 'ZIRKUMFLEX', and it is bound to TOGGLE_MOUSE_LOOK by default - but I cannot find that mapping anywhere, not even in the controls.xml file - any chance to get rid of that?
  13. Agree with the above, actually just got me the RealAir scout pack (finally) to complete my own collection. The Carenado C185 is a mixed bag for me - GREAT sound, good looking exterior model still even though it's an old plane, but the VC isn't great any longer. There is a .cfg file patch out there that makes it quite challenging to land properly on the tundras, that adds a bit of character to the plane. It's quite affordable by now, so so you can't really go wrong with it. I'm waiting for an updated Beaver myself - if they get that to the level of the Twotter, I'd be ecstatic. The current one isn't much good any longer, if you're used to the looks and feel of the A2A or RealAir stuff, the BN2 (GREAT plane, but a bit poor on visibility) or the overhauled Twotter (also great, a must have). One thing forgotten so far, and free even: here is a *brilliant* rendition of the venerable Cessna 150 in a bush version (Downloads - Aircraft FSX/P3D - C150 TiBush) - try it out, it is very well done and a joy to fly. http://frenchvfr.free.fr/download.php?lng=en
  14. Ah I think they will do a warbird again... and I am looking forward to the Bonanza, if it's true!
  15. Yeah, like the P-51, P-47, P-40 or the Spitfire... #####? What I'd like are some quality options in niches that aren't covered yet by serious developers, for example a high-end single like the Bonanza (but A2A might have that on their list...), a low-end Twin (good old Seneca for example), or some models that I've never seen made at all (to quality, for money) like a TB10/TB20, or a Grumman Cheetah or Tiger. There also is no good Super Cub (the Replicas version is okay, but not comparable to RA or A2A any longer). Like you say what I'm also not getting: why isn't there a good Mooney on the market?? And what I would almost die for: a taildragger (any taildragger really) with *realistic* ground handling. Why no one has yet done that is a mystery to me, as it appears that really any code/modelling in FSX can be replaced by something realistic - or is ground handling an exception? Any Taildragger where you can just sit back and watch it go straight after touch down is a let down. So: how about a Buecker Jungmann or Jungmeister? Or an up to date Texan or Stearman? Or a Husky? Or... there's so many options in that area other than the Cub that's already covered well by A2A (except for the ground handling, which really surprised me).
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