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Starting all over

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Hi guys.


I have a countless amount of addons and it's getting too much. I have a tons airport, REX essential as my real-weather engine, REX 4 for the textures, EZCA, and I could continue forever. 

What I want is some kind of addon like FSGlobal that covers the whole world. It's simple too much with 4 different regions of Ground Environment X and UTX. I hope you guys can help me. I want to start all over because right now it feels so messy.



What I am thinking of:


iFly 737 (Already got that plane)

PMDG 747 (Already got that plane)

Airports (I'll figure out myself)

EZCA (Already got that, definitely a must have)

REX 4 (Already got that)

A nice addon that covers most of the world if not the whole world (I'm thinking of the ground textures and environment, any ideas?)

A nice ATC that works with AI traffic. (I'm not going to try any of the online ones yet, as I'm not good enough. I've been looking at Pro-ATC)

MyTraffic X (Already got that)

Some kind of addonmanager! I've done a few reinstalls and it's the worst thing ever just to find all the addons and updating them. 


What do you guys think I need more? I still want it to be as realistic as possible. Any tweaks other than Bojote's I should try? I just don't want too many addons. Right now my guess is that I've got 30 because of the airports and because of GEX and UTX. The main thing I want to replace is definitely GEX and UTX because it needs a thousands updates each everytime you reinstall and the regions is pretty small to be fair. And the night lighting is not that good.


Any tips or recommendations is appreciated. Thanks a lot.


- Nikolas

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There is no single addon that covers the ground textures and environment in one... FTX Global is worldwide textures, but no landclass or vector data... vector data are available from FTX now, but the landclass is not ready yet and there will not be one singel addon for world landclass either (regions, like UTX)



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Global Vector is global vector data for roads, shorelines and water.

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