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  1. Can I Remove Sounds From The Cockpit?

    :) now why can I relate to that story? :) A
  2. Can I Remove Sounds From The Cockpit?

    It is a really common mistake made in the flight simulation world to think that the engines in a commercial airliner are really that audible up front in the cockpit and are as loud as in Seat 7A/14A. It is the same for the barking dog PTU sound in the Airbus fleet, which you are almost certainly going to hear from the cabin but almost certainly are not up front and with the door closed... Up front: avionics cooling fans and above a certain speed rattling/bashing on the ground and wind rush in the air... A
  3. Just consider the disk space required for Europe as a network of such regions though... that is some high-end equipment to keep loading times to a minimum... I will wait on reviews before I even consider purchasing something like this, even on my new system I built about a month ago... A
  4. You might have some fun evaluating your survey. There seems to be little in terms of plausibility control... A
  5. Gender

    You're missing the point Jim. What has my being proud of my gender or not got to do with it? Whether I am proud of that or not is definitely nobody else's business. Why should my gender be a requirement for membership? What does this have to do with my ability to be a member of the site or not? You see, with data protection becoming more and more important (just look at the storm currently over Facebook and Cambridge Analytica as well as the implementation of a new data protection regulation valid in all member states of the EU), sites are increasingly having to question what data they need to process. Can you explain to me why avsim sees it as a requirement that members state their gender? What happens if, for some hypothetical reason, I do not see myself as fitting into the binary pattern? As I see it from here, you are entering a legal minefield. A
  6. Gender

    Why oh why must I make my gender known? The option to withhold such information must be made available... the minimum data to complete the task - I would not enter my address or telephone number on such a forum site, why do I need to disclose something such as gender? A
  7. Yes, MFG for the pedals and VirtualFly for the throttles... great combination and good customer support... A
  8. Could it be related to the wheelspray effect? A
  9. AEROSOFT CRJ-700/900

    Firstly, thanks for such an in-depth review on the CRJ series from Aerosoft. It is indeed one of a niche seldomly represented in simulation. I just don't have the time for lengthy long-haul simulations unfortunately, so I am always on the lookout for something to fill the 2-3 hours from planning to shutdown that I have available in the evenings. My concerns are always with simulation performance. I currently run an i7-2700K, but am in the process of upgrading my sim platofrm to an i5-8600K that has been pretested and delidded to run at 5.1GHz, paired with a GTX1070Ti. It is certainly not top-of-the-range, but only a small percentage of users can affords the likes of 7900Xs and the like. My question is, on what system exactly do you run the sim? I gather from the screenshots that you did the review on FSX. Do you have P3D V4 as well? Thanks for the great review... Andrew
  10. DCS 2.5 Caucasus. Wow.

    The F86 looks great in real life too... I recently saw a set of screenshots, here maybe, that displayed the DCS F86. I thought they were real pictures at first... A
  11. Late to the party, as I just installed P3DV4 two days ago... thanks for the tip! This works a treat... Andrew
  12. RealAir Customer Support

    Dear Sean, I was gutted to hear your news back then when Real Air shut down. I was personally moved by your news. Afterwards, I realized that I had failed to pick up the P3D versions of the B60 and B60T. Alas, these two were uninstalled from FSX last night as I begin my preparations to switch to P3D V4... It would be amazing to hear that the aircraft were available again. Real Air were always one of the yardsticks of performance and quality. Whatever happens, best wishes to you and Rob. It was a sad day indeed that you two officially bowed down out of the industry. Andrew
  13. Turbine Duke Native P3D v4

    I pretty much tore the rest of the hair out of my head when I realized that I was unable to get hold of the P3D version of the Dukes... well and truly missed the boat there... I would be really happy if there were some way to purchase the P3D versions... I know it is probably unlikely... A
  14. Testing URP over California

    Great set that showcases everything nicely! A