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  1. Thanks Chris. Looking forward to hearing from you at some point 🙂 A
  2. Dear Chris, I hope the TQ6 you bought off me is still working well. I am so pleased that you are now selling the fulcrums and am so happy for you for the excellent reviews you are getting reflecting your dedication and input. I went through the pre-order process in October 2020 and received an email response. I know you are probably totally snowed under with orders and that patience is needed, a virtue I think we have all re-learned this last year 🙂. I am also in no rush. I registered on the site and see that there is no record of my pre-order, probably the system didn't link the mail address to the pre-order. Is there anything I need to do or do I just sit back and wait? I do have one question regarding international deliveries. Are you even able to deliver to us in the EU currently, or has the paperwork mountain created essentially made it impossible? I suppose I could buy one through my Mum's address in the UK and pick it up myself when I (ever) get to visit, though who knows when that is going to be these days... Either way, look forward to hearing from you. Take care and stay safe 🙂 Andrew Entwistle
  3. FFTF Dynamic is software that dynamically alters fiber frame time fraction... sold by FSPS... Now I see what the OP possibly means, whether the setting is altered dynamically in order to manage memory better? Given the number of reports of VRAM OOMs, I seriously doubt that... I honestly have difficulties coming to terms with the fact that the acronym OOM is being used again by everyone... 😞 A
  4. It was updated just now to incorporate the new hotfix for V4.5. No talk of an update for V5 yet... A
  5. It is a turboprop, with the best modelling of the turboprop engine's behaviour currently in flight simulation, at least in my opinion. It will be totally different from those three jets you listed... When landing, you don't idle the power levers, as the prop disc flattens and the props become rather large and effective speed brakes. Keep the power on until wheels down, then you can idle and reverse... I must look into the other sound package, because I think that the Majestic one is good for starters. If you say that the replacement package is better, then it must be truly a wonderful upgrade... A
  6. I believe it to be the most realistic simulation of a turboprop aircraft in FS, period. The flight model is outside FSX/P3D and the controls may be calibrated and set up individually using the tool provided. It is quite a handful to start with, but if you follow the flows (I found that the tutorial videos created by Fly2Sim were really helpful with operational details), you will soon manage the day-to-day running of the aircraft. It is highly immersive, has a great sound set, and is a good compromise between commercial transport aircraft and short routes/turnarounds. When I had more time spare, I would do two or three legs in it, back to back. A great way to occupy yourself when the weather outside is awful and cold... Mind the trim settings, the props and thrust settings have quite an effect on the aircraft, so you will need to adjust rudder trim in this one regularly. One of the best purchases I ever made. It would be a first-day purchase for me in any new sim... A
  7. I too am a little miffed to say the least of this “development”. I only stuck with Navigraph because it supports a number of flight planning tools like simbrief, something that Aerosoft with NavdataPro still doesn’t. Are there really so few data only subscribers? I have never used their charts, as many terminal charts are available freely on the Internet, and from the official portals. There are even a number of perfectly accessible vfr sectional sites that are more than adequate for my needs. This is similar in my mind to the packaging of pay tv bundles like Sky. You want to watch one channel, you have to pay for a package including channels you have zero interest in... I always thought that to be criminal and daylight robbery, so have NEVER been a customer of such services. I will probably avoid Navigraph in future and find some other solution to my problem. Perhaps we should petition Navigraph in an open letter on one of the fora or news services? Andrew
  8. This one seems to have slipped under the radar. I was waiting for a sale to pick up Wellington and reinstall all my New Zealand stuff. It is great terrain for an evening hopping around in something like a DC-3 or Q400... Anyone know of a good Wanaka in the North of South Island?
  9. It is a strange experience reading threads like this. As a teacher of English I am regularly confronted by problems occurring from misinterpretation and misunderstanding. I have to admit I cannot see how Julia was mocked in any way by Goran. CameronXA's comment is a little tongue-in-cheek, but if Goran mocked Julia, then I simply don't see it... In fact, the only reason for not having purchased the TBM on my part is the sheer fact that I haven't got the time at the moment. I already have a number of interesting addons that I wanted to get to know. It is on my list and the developer's interaction with the community is positive as far as I can tell. I hope for Julia's sake that it is simply a case of misunderstanding/misinterpretation... A
  10. That logo was always for fans of the aircraft, never to indicate any affiliation to the company... Remember the tick is on pilot and not dev team, beta team, or tech team... A
  11. Remember though that MCAS works even when autopliot is off... you need to switch MCAS off, and such specific training was not in place at the time of the Lion Air crash, and possibly not enough training in the second crash... Haven't been following the full thread, but my understanding was that the MCAS information was not even in the manuals... please correct me if I am mistaken... A
  12. I think the great news is the turboprop and jet development. This opens up a whole new range of developments... PT6's are everywhere... I can bet that Milviz might be a little miffed at the Talon, but competition is excellent for the market. Nice sale in celebration of his son's achievement as a CFI... 25% is a nice little discount on their stuff (sales are few and far between) A
  13. Sorry Thomas, but it would appear to be you who is clueless... Sheesh...
  14. You might want to edit the title... I was expecting to see a screenshot of some lightning striking the runway... Seems to be a common problem on international fora, the use of lightning and lighting... 🙂 In answer to your question, some developers incorporate the ability to have the runway lighting active at all times in poor weather, or from dusk until dawn, controlled by the graphics parameters that BlueSky mentioned... those parameters affect the lighting globally though, so street lighting is also affected. This would be on some configuration panel... Andrew
  15. I would like to step in at this point and thank Rudi Heilig for his dedication and assistance here for people with questions and problems relating to the DA62. I particularly like the videos you have done, which have been very helpful and were one of the driving forces behind my decision to purchase. Andrew (an old fan of RealAir and new fan of Vertx!)
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