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  1. That looks very good. I wonder whether A2A is going to back-engineer the rain effects into the other accusim aircraft. That would be one amazing development... Looks like a fun one to fly in P3D... A
  2. aentwis

    FSLabs A320 engines rotating while C&D

    That is one of the funniest posts I have read in months David! Thanks for that... How do I turn off the realism? Buy a different add on maybe??? A
  3. aentwis

    New PC desk

    If you are upgrading a much older system, then you should go for the latest hardware. I would not get the 7700K, going for the 8700K (2 more cores, 4 more if you count HT) on a decent mainboard. NVidia cards are no longer the really stupid prices they were 3 months ago, eother, so you could look into a Ti model, 1070 or 1080... It all boils down to your budget. What is your budget and what is your current system? I wouldn't bother getting the i3 and pairing it with a 1080 or 1080Ti. Better to go with the 8700K and pair it with the 1070 or Ti, along with some decent ram and mainboard... A
  4. I had the e-mail on both my home-based accounts. The discount code worked, as it has before in such cases, the response from Oisin for access to the support forum is second to none. I think it is a little unfair to accuse Milviz here of lying about their offer. It was open to all those who bought the DHC-3 from their direct shop and the customers were informed by e-mail some time prior to release of the 3T... Sometimes, a little reflection can go a long way... Andrew
  5. aentwis

    Modifying the FDE

    Anything to deal with its fighter-aircraft-like agility at the moment... thanks for looking into this - what were Carenado thinking of? A
  6. aentwis

    Bug List

    Carenado never learns, and the community keeps on buying, regardless... if it weren't for the likes of people like yourself and Bert Pieke (and the others whose names I simply do not know, sorry), I think Carenado would have long since gone under... or do too many not care at all? A
  7. aentwis

    Poor sounds and flight model?

    Thanks for your insight Tailspin, and for saving me the money... A
  8. aentwis

    Official Majestic Software Forum Update

    Good luck with the forum rebuild... I just re-registered. Hardware failures are there to challenge us! I had a number disk failures recently... Good to see you guys moving forward :) A
  9. You're welcome... For the record, I found it really straightforward to register and obtain the required membership. I haven't got round to downloading stuff yet, mind. Rainer's e-mail contact on registration was personal and friendly... A
  10. you need to register twice, once for the site itself as a member, then a second time using a pdf form for what Rainer refers to as club membership. Only then do you get access to the downloads. He has updated his data protection statement to conform to the new EU data protection regulation, and he is entitled to know who is downloading his freeware if he wants that as a condition. It may appear strange to have to give personal data for a freeware site like this, but it is essentially no different from a payware system, and by using the freeware he makes available, you are entering into a contract with him and as such need to abide by the rules of that contract... A
  11. aentwis

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    An unformatted SSD is useless in Windows. The drive manager would see the device, but not Windows explorer... Formatting is not just fine, it is necessary, whereas defragmentation will damage an SSD in the medium to long term... A
  12. aentwis

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    All drives need to be formatted at some point before they can be used... without a file system in place, you can't really use any drive on Windows... I think you are getting confused with defragmenting... something you definitely should avoid on an SSD, as defragmentation massively increases the number of writes to the drive and has a negative effect therefore on drive longevity... A
  13. Both systems appear to use the Garmin Trainer, which means that both can be updated by subscribing to Garmin's data updates... unfortunately, that route is out of the league of most flightsimmers. I update the Trainer when it comes out every now and then, that is the only way of doing it at no cost... A
  14. aentwis

    A2A Spitfire P3D4 reduced price

    Glad to hear you're good to go! 🙂 A
  15. it is worth checking out things like components used on mainboards. If you are looking to overclock the CPU, you need stable voltage supply, which entails a good quality power supply and high quality components on your mainboard. I am not saying everything HAS to be high-end, most expensive, but you need to be sure that you have quality parts if you plan on pushing your system... If you plan on stressing your system, then improve your system's longevity with quality components... A