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How many of you are flying the T7 on WinXP 32 with no problems at all?

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Just a simple question, Yes or No. If Yes maybe a short list of hardware and settings in general. No long details .


After the silly little tweak, setting sound quality to 1 FSX have never been this smooth like it is now. T7 flyes like a real queen now. Smooth and nice to hand fly.

Even could raise the scenery settings a lot to levels that was impossible before. Airports full of AIs too.


So I just wonder if there are more out there with FSX on WinXP 32 that just runs fine with the T7??


Here is a post from Kevin who have been on WinXP 32 and now after upgrade to Win7 he started to have freezes with the T7.

Post 34




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Yes the 777 ran well for me on Win XP 32. My only problem was the limited VAS. Effectively 2 GB as windows needs just under 1 GB and my 1GB video card needed that amount too. To even run the 777 at all I had to find ways to reduce FSX VAS. So I:


Disabled RAAS

Used low res VC (the 777 still looks great)

Disabled custom scenery I wasn't using

Disabled non essential background applications and windows services.


My computer hardware isn't cutting edge so my frame rates at busy airports weren't great but I didn't get the 777 freezes. I don't find setting sound quality to 1 in FSX.CFG has any effect on performance and I felt it affected the quality of the 777 sound so I put it back to 2.

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I have done like you and.......


the first thing I always do with new aircrafts or new liveries is to reduce the liverie to 1024, you do not need any bigger unless for photos. Still looks ok.

Clouds is down to 256 !! must say that they look more real now, 2048 and up looks just to crisp and sharp and eats VAS. Unless you have a real cockpit

with a big screen running on very high res. Then maybe and if you have the power to it.


I too run the low VC , no big difference. With 737NGX I can run the High res version.


I use the /3GB switch in boot.ini

/3GB /Userva=2300


this gives me around 300 Mb more VAS. If I skip the /Userva the graphics go crazy on the desktop. To little for the 1Gb card, with a 512 it would work. FSX almost never use more the

400+ Mb on the Graphic card. Check with the GPU-Z tool.


/Userva is a limiter, so it does not take 3Gb, instead it only takes 2,3 Gb.


With that setting most of the time I have around 7-800 free VAS with T7.


FSX was made and tested on WinXP 32 so why should it not run perfect  on that OS !?

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