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Green deceleration circles

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In the flight tutorial 1, one can read:


...You’ll see a green circle...
These circles can appear in the following conditions:
- Slowing before a hold
- Before a waypoint speed restriction




I created a KIAD-CYUL flight and you can see in the PFD that the waypoint LONNA has a restriction 3000A.


Can you explain why the green deceleration circle is not displayed?


Mind you, the tutorial says "can", so I understand it's not all the time?





The green circle I am talking about:



- TONY -


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That is an altitude restriction. If there is a specific lower speed for that waypoint, it will show a circle.


Remember that on the 777, the FMS does not change the speed on final approach per waypoint based on VREF as the NGX does. (Page 137 intro manual. Flight management computer section)


For approach, you have to decide when to slow down.


In the second screenshot, there is a specific speed set in the FMS to slow down to for the next waypoints.

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