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The Avsim Lonely Hearts Club Band social groups in now online!

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edit:  'Groups', should have been; 'Group'.  Can a Moderator please correct that for me...and thanks!




Hello all,


Just a head's up that the;


*Avsim Lonely Hearts Club Band* Forum




...has been created, and opened up today inside the SOCIAL GROUPS SECTION, (thank you for approving, AVSIM!) and that it was created for flight simulation enthusiasts, that also, are musicians, as per hobby as well as professional.  I created it, as a friendly place to enter, after you have shut down the engine(s) of your plane...and invited to spend some relaxing good cheer, and reading about other flight sim enthusiast's stories, of 'putting the music out there', whether at a gig, a social occasion, or just taking a favorite instrument to the beach.


I know there are some fun and interesting stories that revolve around the making of music..for I have plenty of them myself...and opened up the group with the first. I hope you enjoy it, and would love to read about any, of YOUR past experiences with making music, advancing the cause...and perhaps, the people that you have bumped shoulders with, in the pursuit of it...


One and all, are invited to share!  Please drop in, and above all, have fun in the reading and posting!


P.S.  This can also be the forum to simply discuss your choice of instruments, their make and model, and why you chose it!  It can help others that might want a new guitar, brass piece, wind instrument,etc...and can pick up some good information and/or, ask for advice on such.  Geofa is a professional concert violinist...and he would be a most excellent AVSIM member to inquire and/or discuss about violins, for sure!  I play piano, bass, trumpet/coronet, banjo, sax (tenor and alto), and 12/6 string guitar. If you ever wish to inquire about any of those instruments, I'd be happy to help you out, perhaps in what to look out for, if one is to be purchased, etc Others here, that play, would very much help you with music, I'm sure....so let's have fun...and make this a happening!


Cheers and respect,


Mitch (Sesquashtoo)  

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