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New Tiger Line data available!

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Was going through some of the library files on TerraScene area many of us had done and of course was reacquainted with Randall Rocke's efforts to supply new shapefiles from the 2000 Tiger census info. So checked out my old link and redirected to the Census website for Tiger shapefiles. Low and behold - there is new 2013 files available!


Soooo... am thinking while I am unable to work I may redo my Atlanta, Kings Bay sceneries (areas I frequent most right now) and maybe restart my Oklahoma and Puget Sound efforts with the updated roads, rails, etc. All I have to do now is get to my files so I can re-read Randall's instructions on the use of the shapefiles!  LOL Hopefully I can also remember just how to use TerraScene!!!


Thought if anyone else in the old group is around and wishing, they might like to know about the new data. If anyone is interested and still has Fly! II loaded with TerraScene as well, just download one of Randall's update files mentioning the Tiger Census 2000 files for the correct method of inserting the shapefiles into TerraScene for rendering new, updated sceneries. Thankfully I have an extra computer available to do the renderings!


Kenneth E Wood Jr  🌪️🌩️

ex AG1, USN (14yr Vet) Weather Foecaster


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I've actually taken a look at some of the files. I'm not sure about for the lower 48, but the Alaska area water files have some data errors. Fortunately, I've found they're easily (but tediously) editable with QGIS.

John Morgan


"There is a feeling about an airport that no other piece of ground can have. No matter what the name of the country on whose land it lies, an airport is a place you can see and touch that leads to a reality that can only be thought and felt." - The Bridge Across Forever: A Love Story by Richard Bach

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