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Questions before buying the L-1011/Classic liners 2

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Hello everyone,


I'm new to this forum and and been thinking about buying aerosim s Classic Liners 2

package, mainly because of the tristar.However I have a couple of questions before

buying and I hope that maybe some of the package owners can answer them for me.


Does the Aerosim L-1011 simulate the DLC (direct lift control) system during final


On the real L-1011, during approach(I think when the flaps were > 30) the spoilers extended automatically a certain amount,

pushing forward on the yoke extended them more,pulling on the yoke retracted them .


Therefore vertical changes to stay on the glideslope were achieved with little pitch changes.


Is this simulated?


Also is the flying stabilizer simulated?


Unlike other aircrafts where only the elevator control surfaces move to reflect pilot inputs,on the L-1011 the entire horizontal stabilizer moved when the pilots pushed or pulled on the yoke.


Finally,wow are the overall flight dynamics of this bird?I have read different things about this and from the aerosim support page I gather, the SP adressed this somewhat.


So is it possible to fly the L-1011 roughly on the real numbers from the aircraft manual/FCOM?


Thank you in advance,





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Great model and flies great in my opinion.


DLC is not simulated unfortunately.

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I used to fly the L-1011 for Lockheed. DLC wasn't really needed. All it really did was add to the cost of the TriStar, which, among other advanced technologies of the day, made it more expensive than the DC-10. Airlines only cared about one thing: cost. They couldn't have cared less if DLC existed or not.


Lockheed added a lot of things that added to the cost of the plane, such as making every single plane CATIIIa certified. This wasn't needed (but added to the over all cost) and the DC-10 and 747 did not come delivered that way. Again, most of the airlines, except for British Airways, didn't plan on operating the 1011 down to actual CATIIIa weather. There is a lot more involved to operating to CATIIIa standards than just the plane -- which translates into money which most carriers didn't under take (at that time).


DLC was a neat feature but it excited the engineering team who came up with it more than anyone else. The smoother ride wasn't really all that noticeable.

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