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JS41 weight?

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JS4100 empty weight.
FSX (aircraft.cfg) uses an empty weight of 14144 LBS and that shows up in the FSX fuel / payload screen.
This weight is also in AOM sec 8-1 pg7.

max_gross_weight = 24000                        // Final production value
empty_weight = 14144                            // Empty (varies by reg)
empty_weight_CG_position =  4.347, 0.0, 0.31    // Yields ~15.85% CG/MAC

When I go to the Load Sheet in the cockpit it defaults to 14647 Lbs (and the tutor manual mentions this weight).

Why is the load sheet using 500 Lbs more than the FSX and real world specification?

I assume the FSX Aircraft CFG will be used to "fly the plan" (weight/balance/how it handles in flight etc.).

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Most likely the weight of the crew - pilot, copilot and 1 flight attendant.


Typically real aircraft will have two weights listed in their documents BEW (Basic Empty Weight) typically recalculated every 36 months for each aircraft, and measured by putting the aircraft on jacks with electronic weight sensors on each jack.


The BEW is measured with all fuel drained from the tanks, lavatory water drained, and all non-essential items removed from the cabin.


The second weight in the documents, and the one actually used for performance calculations, is BOW (Basic Operating Weight) which is BEW plus the weight of required crew, galley supplies, potable water, etc.


The crew weight in the BOW document is an average, not the weight of the actual operating crew on any given day.

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Ok thanks for the answer.


I will change the value in FSBuild OperEmptyWeight from 14144 to 14647
;OperEmptyWeight includes the crew for this aircraft so it matches PMDG load sheet

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