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VEAO A-4C SkyHawk

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VEAO cancel A-4C and A-4M projects
Hi Guys,
Unfortunately I have some not so good news on this project.
As a responsible developer one of our golden rules is that we will not develop a module without an agreement or waiver from an aircraft manufacturer, its common knowledge that this was one of the main hold ups with development of the Hawk.
As such we have been in talks with McDonnell Douglas (A division of Boeing) regarding obtaining agreements for the A-4C and the A-4M Skyhawks.
Sadly the terms offered to us in exchange for the licence are not economically viable for the project to continue. Therefore we have to stop works on the Skyhawk and park the project indefinitely.
Obviously this is a disappointing development not least for the DCS community but the members from the VEAO development team who have put blood sweat and tears into the project.
I want to publically thank the members of the Skyhawk development team for their hard work and commitment to this project.
But one thing in life is for sure, as one door closes another one opens.
Obviously due to the sensitive nature of commercial discussions such as this there is only limited amount of information that we can divulge in public but true to the nature of the relationship Chris and I work hard to maintain with you all we wanted to bring you this news as soon as we were able.
On behalf of everyone at VEAO we thank you for your understanding regarding this announcement.
VEAO Consumer Products Manager.


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