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Warbird Adventures

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Yeah .. It's a blast!! :-xxrotflmao My wife got me a 30 minute flight with full acro for my birthday a couple of years ago. They were flying out of Quonset, RI (KOQU) so you got some really memorable views out over Naraganset Bay in addition to the joy of flying a real WWII bird. At that time they offered formation flights as well as the acro.Flying the T6 is a blast! The airplane handles suprisingly well for a 6000 pound single-engine trainer. The sound of that big radial will definately put a smile on your face. The stick is light and responsive and while the roll rate isn't that impressive, it'll fly basic acro maneuvers pretty well. If you've ever flown a light single (Cessna, Piper, etc) you'll know your flying something different, but it doesn't take long to get comfortable with the plane. I've got my private ticket, and all the Warbird pilots are CFI's so I've got .6 hours of T6 dual on N451WA in my log :)For a few extra bucks you can get video and/or stills of the flight. They have a cockpit mounted camera filming you and a tail mounted video camera for outside views ... they also get all the intercom chatter on the video. The still camera is mounted on the left wing facing the plane. Unfortunately we flew on a bit of a hazy day so every still looked the same -- just different gray textures in the background :(. I would recommend the video, but pass on the stills unless it is a crystal clear day.As they say on the Nike ads .. Just do it!!

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