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Hello guys


I have a little question.

Right know I'm at cruise level and I started playing with the visibility options.

I noticed that when i change the maximum surface visibility, the visibility in the sim while in cruise change to that value despite that maximum upper visibility is at 125.


It is normal?

does this change needs to restart FSX and ASN?



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this setting needs a "new wx synthesis". And obviously you clicked apply. Upper visibility in ASN is calculated in a non trivial way taking into account both surface and upper visibility and graduating based on cruise altitude and other parameters like temperature, moisture and season. As an example during a test I am now making even though my max upper visibility is 200 and my surface vis is 75, at FL300 I got 86. Selecting a lower surface visibility (60) affected the final result reducing it about 70. ATM I'm flying close to Dubai with live weather and surface temps about 36 Celsius.


In any case, I'll keep an eye on this

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Thanks so much Kostas.


It is not a big a deal, it just seems strange.

Thanks for taking the time to keep an eye on this.

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