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Moving Fs9 from Windows 7 to Windows XP?

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I am working abroad and, so as not to be totally FS-less, have brought a Dell XPS M1730, which runs FS9 pretty well. The O/S is WinXP x64. The huge advantage of this is that I can get FSHotSFX back, and my airports have all come alive with AI traffic sounds again. I had almost forgotten how good it was!!

So much so, I am tempted to go back to XP on my main FS PC in the UK, when I get back there (no time soon). There will be negatives, I am sure, but I have all the drivers running OK on the XPS laptop - for my X52 and so forth. Can anyone think of a strong argument for NOT doing this? I know that XP is no longer supported..


It would be a dual boot affair - but the XP x64 would be going on to a machine that already has Win7 x64 on it. Is that doable?? (Will Google that myself too of course).


If you have used FSHotSFX, you will understand why I am thinking of this! WHY can't someone produce an equivalent for FS9 that works in Win7??? It is crazy to me all the bits and pieces that have been added by developers over the years, but that there's no real replacement for FSHotSFX in Windows 7. A real, REAL shame, 'cos it sounds so, so wonderful: I have tampered with the innate FS9 AI sounds and got some improvements, but nothing approaches the dedicated FSHotSFX software...



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I know how you feel XP really is treat on both FS9 and FSX.

But I went back and forward last year on XP64 and Win7_64, all I can say is that win7 does do a much better job on the new hardware and in end this is faster than good old XP.


Also on newer hardware the drivers etc. Are not that good on XP anymore. All in all I would say less problems on Win7 and using SSD etc. You also take full advantage of the new features.



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Hi Jesper

I assume when you mean "new hardware" you're referring to video cards? Or does it also involve peripherals like GoFlight modules, rudder pedals etc? Just curious as I'm about to try XP Professional to see if it will solve some problems I've been having



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