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MCE and Pilot2ATC - PPT button recognition possibe with MCE ATC OFF?

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Been trying out Pilot2Atc, and it can be made to work with MCE in two ways. One is to just use the default ATC and it will ignore one, but then you have FSXATC "chatter" going on (can turn that off as well in the FSX.cfg). Other way is to turn off ATC communications in MCE, and let Pilot2ATC handle that side of things, and have MCE handle cockpit communications.


Problem is that if one does the latter then the PTT button in MCE is also ignored, so the co-pilot is always asking "what was that Cap?" when one talks to Pilot2Atc!


I realise its a big task for MCE to support yet another ATC program. But since Pilot2Atc has its own speech recognition engine, it would seem to me the quickest way to allow MCE to be used with it is to allow for the PTT button to still be used/recognised, even if ATC functions are turned OFF in MCE. That way as soon as the PTT button is pressed, the MCE pilot is not "hearing" any ATC comms, and things can work side-by-side.


Do not know how difficult this is to do of course, but to me it just seems like a quick way to make the two programs work together very well without MCE having to duplicate the work done by Pilot2ATC.





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Assign a PTT switch under MCE as if going to use it for ATC


Open “mce.ini” in c:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\Multi Crew Experience\ folder


Look for [GAMEPAD] section.


Change “UseWithVoxATC=0” to “UseWithVoxATC=1” and save the file.


From then on, when PTT is held down, MCE will assume you’re using a third party ATC add-on and will suspend all reco.


Will probably rename “UseWithVoxATC” to something more appropriate later on.




The FS++ team

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