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Spare Codes?

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Hello everyone,


i have been visiting this forum on and off for a few months now.

but with the recent announcement of server closures i thought i might as well ask if anyone had some spare DLC codes.

i myself would like a code for the Hawaiian adventure pack as i would like to collect the aerocaches while i still can.

i used the toolkit so i can do pretty much everything else like missions. but the aerocaches are still locked.


i know it may be asking a bit much but i thought it would be worth a shot. if there are any other ideas on how i can get the aerocaches.

they would be greatly appreciated. in the 3 months i have been playing this game i have only managed  to collect 17 AOTD as they were all free to play ones and with under 2 months to go i would like to get to 50. so if there are any spare codes or ideas as to how i could possibley collect the locked or previous free to play AOTD i would like to know.



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There is no way to purchase any of the DLC now. That was shut down a good while back. Sorry.


As far as transfer of license, I don't think there is any way to do that either.


This is pretty much a situation that if you didn't have the DLC before the GFWL shutdown, then you won't be able to get it.

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Thanks for the reply 188AHC 

i am very much aware that the DLC cant be purchased. i am more or less asking if anyone on this site has a spare code.

i know that hiflyer use too, but he gave it to someone. so i thought i would ask if anyone else had one.

i am willing to even pay for it so the person can recuperate some of their loss. i just thought i would try my luck out =p.

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Yes, HiFlyer(Devon) gave the pack to me since I couldn't use the toolkit at the time without having the Alaska Pack. This dependency was fixed but the Key Codes will not work. I received the pack on January 2nd 2014 as a gift...

     Since the codes did not work, I still have them on my Steam account. They are unused, but it is severely unlikely that they will work now. I have contacted the Microsoft Community Coordinators but apparently I was having a problem which was never fixed. Microsoft Flight was not accepting Digitally purchased DLC!   :(
The Marketplace was closed, so DLC could no longer be redeemed.
I informed Devon about it and he posted this thread.

With Devon's permission, I will be able to let you try it out.

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Hey KavindaJD, thanks for all that information.

i wouldnt mind trying it out, if that is ok with hiflyer of course.

i mean there would be no harm in trying it out. right?


so if you only use the toolkit. like most of us. can you still collect other aerocaches other then the FTP ones?

cause i have had trouble with the toolkit before it doesnt work on my laptop so i use my GF's one instead to play it on.

as that seemed to work for some reason =p so i was thinking maybe it didnt install properly if everyone else can collect the other ones as well.

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