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I have to admit that A2A got the Cherookee landing light right

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I'm quite pleased with the new light on the Cherookee, now I can enjoy flying at night again with this wonderful plane.


I flew a couple of nigh flight in P3d and I was not initially convinced by the light beam during taxiing. I was finding it too narrow and not providing a wide enough vision ahead of the plane.


Well, I was wrong, I flew tonight and I was surprised to notice how narrow is the landing light beam on the real bird. In fact, it is even larger on P3D than in the RW. Well I have to admit that A2A was correct and my impression was wrong. I just got used to taxiing with the Cherookee narrow beam.


Here is a shot at CNV9 airport in P3d.




Then the same tonight.




That was a nice flight tonight as it was rainy here all day. I had a quick glimpse of the sun at sunset and surfing the stratus layer at 7000 ft was fun...







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Is that with the dome light on in the lower photo? I was looking at that photo and first thought it was a screen shot froim the sim by accident. I'm amazed by how little the landing light illuminates the runway.

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I never use the dome for night flying, seldom the red light. The light on the dash is actually my phone flash.


The beam is large enough when on short final to see the whole runway width. Once landed it's more limited but if youre eye are adjusted to the lower illumination, its quite easy to taxi with this narrow beam. Yesterday was overcloud and this airport is in a rural area so very low illumination on ground.


The only real challenge is the obstacle just before the runway that you don't see at all as averything around the runway is a black hole. In this case a power line 200 ft before the runway. You really do check and recheck your altimeter setting and come on final higher than during the day. Then motor idle and full flaps over the power line to stay clear of it and dive for the runway.

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