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Great book (about flying)

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Thanks for the heads up... I buy 1 or 2 aviation books every month from I've only been doing it for a few months now but I'm slowly, gradually building my own little aviation books library. I think the book that got me started would have to be One Zero Charlie and Fly For Your Life. So far, my collection includes: Yeager by Chuck YeagerA Gift of Wings by Richard BachBiplane by Richard BachThe Cannibal Queen by Steven CoontsNorth Star Over My Shoulder by Bob BuckFly For Your Life by Larry ForresterZero 3 Bravo Mariana GosnellFlight of Passage by Rinker BuckFlying the Alaska Wild by Mort MasonNice little collection... All of them are wonderful to read... although a couple of them sometimes get a little ho hum for me at some points in the book, but in an overall sense, they all are wonderful. Some of them are downright inspirational. I think the ones that I really liked the most, although it's impossible to pick a favorite, would probably be the two Richard Bach books I have, Biplane and A Gift of Wings. Bach really touches my deep, vivid, and loving imagination of flight and life. Some of them have a lot of emotion in them, such as Bach's books, and some of them are largely written in the form of a man simply telling his flying stories. But the others are both. Anyways... I just think that while I'm waiting for my turn to come to fly, these books are great for passing the time and to keep your dreams burning, and to keep your soul inspired. Todd

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Stick and Rudder, written in 1944, has to be in your collection! Subtitled "an Explanation of the Art of Flying", it accurately and simply explains why and how an airplane flys. A must have if you want to understand why airplanes do what they do...despite a pilots best efforts to the contrary, sometimes!!!it's written by Wolfgang Langewiesche...a gotta have!Dave

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