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Real world pax: What maddens you ?

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During my professional life I used to cross the atlantic about 5 to 6 times a year, travelling from Brussels to our headquarters in Denver. I have never experienced a situation where a passenger's behaviour would have driven me mad. O course, some people are better than others in being social while sharing such a small space in an arcraft, and sometimes for many hours. Yes, I have had neighbour passengers "invading" the armrest, sometimes unconsciously, other times because they are rather of a rather large size for the type of seat we were sitting in. I have always happily resolved the situation, by kindly asking "do you mind if we share this armrest?". As for people watching what I was reading on the plane, it never bothered me, as I would generally reading something in french...but it would sometimes lead to an interesting discussion: on a flight from N.Y. or Chicago to Denver there would generally not be many french speaking passengers. The only thing I was realling feeling uncomfortable with was some people smelling bad because of bad hygiene. But I only experienced this situation a couple of times.J.J.JJ StruyfBraine-L'AlleudBelgium

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