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Messing around with 737 while awaiting official release for p3d

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Passenger wing view.

Original game play res 6000x1080 and this is only one of all the displays used.

 This is how it performs on my system, its only about 15-20FPS through this take off and landing while in passenger view, however it does not stutter like FSX did !!!

Fraps once recording takes it down to 10-15FPS :(

The lack of fluidity you can see is basically representation of 10-15 FPS game play while recording with FRAPS.

All setting are pretty far to the right so I am very happy with it.
Also worth to mention PMDG is not really intended to be used in P3D and is one of the most complex aircraft developed for FlightSim

Waiting for them to release P3D version.. soon I hope !

this is using home cockpit so there is a lot more windows gauges open then you can see which adds to degraded performance.

With other gauges and windows closed gain is FPS is up to 50% (in this view) so just in 6000:1820 one window you get 20+ FPS and most importantly smooth !!!

This is side view passenger view, also affects performance as oppose to using main cockpit view as i normally do.

Main Cockpit view is again 15-20+ FPS which make it very acceptable (fluid/smooth) for landing, taking off etc.. where passenger or spot view are not much use LOL.

You can see my landing all though not the best and way too fast approach switching to passenger view near touch down didn't help LOL

Surprised I didn't crash.. :o

ORBX FTX Global, CYUL, Take Off from CYUL, Landing CYXU


ORBX made this part of Ontario look very nice! Much much better then default textures, however unrealistic as fat asLandClass ic concern, will wait for open LC that might help with placement of zones where they should be. Other wise money well spent.

I7-2700K oc 4.8GHz
GTX 780Ti
GTX 680 for other monitors

Prepar3d v 2.4
REX 4 Texture Direct
Active Sky Next
OC4BA to run cockpit hardware

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